Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today, I will juxtapose two different subjects, which, combined together, make ONE point, if you can see past your navel.
The second subject provides ME the necessary editorial commentary for the first one.
I could not do any better.
So, let me begin, first, on a somewhat lighter, humorous side.

Always a good place to start.
Below, is a very short, satirical video from a recognizable comedic face from the past, hopefully.
ALTHOUGH, a caveat.
I do NOT believe in, advocate or support a STATE Medical Single Payer solution since I believe it to be totally impractical, economically unfeasible, it flies in the face of state BUDGET cuts, income and revenue sources, AND, as such, it is another diversion, red herring, poor substitute and abdication to wholesale theft and grand larceny on a national scale.
Nonetheless, with that said, the satire is a good, funny one:


And, now, for theft of a different kind, but, really, as I said at the beginning, inextricably interwoven with the above, flip sides of the same coin, literally and figuratively, as I believe I have amply demonstrated and explained on ALL my many, previous posts.
In two parts with more coming:




Only one historical footnote to add to the above.
In 20th century history, NAZI artifact and culture looting was itself raised to an "art" form, a science, just as their systematic, methodical, industrial killing and murder machinery and technology.
This is common knowledge.
If you are not aware of this FACT, do your own research.

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Tell it to the world brother =)