Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Nazi Citigroup, JP Morgan narco money laundering financial cartel petty CIA gangster Fuhrer Obooma made obscene and nauseating sounds, gestures and noises on the TV screen last night.
I NEVER listen or look at Nazi Citigroup Obooma.
It's like hearing/watching Hitler speak.
Or hearing chalk squeak on the blackboard.
It makes one's spine bristle and hair stand on end.

Meanwhile, someone else who actually has the audacity and temerity to expose SOME of the many international money laundering connections represented by THOSE ABOVE is being sued:

Of course, I reproduced a number of articles on my blog ALSO from the WSJ newspaper, prior to its purchase by Nazi Ruppert Murdoch, exposing Citigroup and JP Morgan's numerous Mexican drug cartel connections, from Salinas to Carlos Slim, now on the Boards of the WSJ and NY Times apparently.

Here's a reminder of some of those money laundering, international drug cartel connections, connections which follow the BCCI to the UAE and Daniel Pearl's unfortunate end:

Also, as a reminder of the ONGOING, mulitfacted, multipronged swindle represented by the United Suckers and Assholes Nazi Citigroup/Obooma Dictatorship, from my previous entry:

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