Sunday, February 22, 2009


Israeli Minister of Finance Officials apparently expressed some indignation and "issues" with our/their infamous Nazi Citigroup Bank of Israel Governor.
Here's a little choice EXCERPT/quote, full article following:

"...Another official said, "He holds press conferences every other day so that everyone will praise him. The interest rate, unemployment, the consolidated State of the Economy Index, bonds - he's in the media every day. He's busy only with public relations, both inside Israel and internationally. He complains about endless leaks, but he doesn’t keep his own mouth shut. The whole media bows to his feet, while we end up as the bad guys..."
The Israel Minister of Finance officials have good global company.
I have some "issues," myself, with our Nazi Citigroup Dictatorship and Nazi Citigroup's paid employee, hired help and petty CIA, gangster slave, Obooma.

Of course, if one accepts the United Suckers and Assholes mythological Obooma Messiah or Fuhrer PR phantasy creation, whichever, these "issues" simply disappear, fall off the radar screen.

Facts just fall into a black hole, like reality denied in Alice and Wonderland's Through a Looking Glass world.

Israel Minister of Finance officials, above, simply yelled out the obvious publicly, namely, "Citigroup Emperor has no Clothes!"

And, today, a change of pace from Greece.
Ireland Labor Opposition and Resistance.
A LARGE Irish march and demonstration:

Lastly, see my separate entry, below, about Muntadar Al-Zaidi..

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