Saturday, February 7, 2009


The so-called stimulus package in United Suckers and Assholes nation is NOT a done deal yet despite what "they," the spin doctors, would have, or, like to have, everyone believe.

A vote in the Senate is yet to come, probably Monday, amidst widespread and general disaffection:

And, from the NY Times propaganda rag sheet, which I hate and detest and use about once a year.
So, following is my once a year NY Times allotment for 2009:

Furthermore, Obooma must take his pony show on the road in order to TRY drumming up support.
Here's where they/he are scheduled to appear in town hall meetings this coming week:

Get out and make your voices heard and your presence felt!

MORE financial bills, giveaways, gifts, bonanzas, being introduced into Congress THIS COMING WEEK!
This is hardly the end, only the beginning.

And, then, on top of all this money being BORROWED, LOANED by our DEBTORS from the United Suckers and Assholes CREDITORS and given as gifts/presents back to their own DEBTORS, the DEBTORS and their financial friends will turn around and once more own/purchase the CREDITORS debt so that the CREDITORS will become the DEBTORS, once again, in the money-go-round of United Assholes and Suckers.
To recap, simply put, the Creditors finance their Debtors and the Debtors become their Creditors.

The scope of such a willing scam and the compliance of so many United Assholes and Suckers defies belief and is beyond my capacities to describe.
It's simply jaw dropping.

A secondary locust of lobbyists descends on the White House to further partake of the munificence of this grandieose spending scheme, inflationary tax gift, giveaway and boon to private capital and industry and yet another speculative debt bubble is created.

And, then, the yearly US Congressional Budget has yet to be discussed and debated, the place WHERE we SHOULD be allocating taxpayer funds DIRECTLY!!

Behold such a nation of compliant, voluntary, willful suckers, doormats, assholes.
Indeed a world class phenomenoa.
A dubious distinction.

Lastly, a free advertisement.
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