Sunday, February 15, 2009


Here's a sneak preview, an UPCOMING political event and explosion, related to all the above.
If you are sitting outside the US, a few narrative reminders of the story, characters and timing.

Former controversial and outspoken Democratic Illinois Governor Blagoyevich, now impeached and pending trial for attempting, amongst other charges, to sell, extort, blackmail money to APPOINT someone to Obooma's vacated Illinois Democratic Senate seat, despite protests to the contrary, went ahead and nominated Burris to fill Obooma's vacated Senate seat.

This created a storm of controversy.

At first, Senate Democrats would NOT seat or recognize Burris's appointment, due to the scandal surrounding the person who appointed him, Illinois Governor Blagoyevich.

Blagoyevich refused to call a SPECIAL election for the vacated Illinois Senator's seat, which is what should have happened.

Thus, the Burris appointment by Blagoyevich was considered tainted, illegitimate. Nonetheless, the Democrats turned around on a legal technicality and seated, recognized Burris, anyway.

It was JUST revealed, TODAY, Burris perjured himself, ALSO, in previous testimony.

HOWEVER, the timing is critical to this narrative.

The information about Burris's perjury emerges IMMEDIATELY AFTER, FOLLOWING the Senate vote for Citigroup/Obooma's so-called stimulus bill, otherwise known as debt, inflation and pork.

Had Burris EITHER not been in the Senate, OR, had THIS perjury information been revealed PRIOR to the Senate vote on the Stimulus Package, the Stimulus Bill would very likely NOT have passed.

ONE vote was a CRITICAL, CRUCIAL threshold in this instance.

So, this upcoming Burris imbroglio now proceeds much beyond the local mob, gangster and totally criminal Chicago, Illinois element, sleaze, muck and mire from which Nazi Citigroup/Obooma emerges, but, it goes on to taint national policy, the Democrats, Obooma's Administration and the recently, barely passed, controversial stimulus bill.

This story UNFOLDS as I write.
Watch this one. It is going to be good:;_ylt=AqBfaKHsDHXN9.4RXxcfhn1vzwcF

In addition to the above, although I have linked in previous blogs to the following, I will do so again, BECAUSE, I ENCOURAGE readers to peruse and consider carefully the content of ALL the many COMMENTS pouring in BELOW which gives one a good feel for the reality of SEIU and their Andy Stern gang, the MAJOR labor supporters and backers of Nazi Citigroup/Obooma's mob, mafia, criminal, CIA government.

Those in the COMMENT section below are telling THE TRUTH!!
Of course, some defenders, ringers, write in to try to refute everyone else, naturally:

So, that's today's sneak preview, news update, heads up and reality entertainment from the land of United Suckers and Assholes.

And, I also await eagerly what I understand to be an upcoming MAJOR French national strike and challenge to Sarkozy's government.

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