Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is my second, UNRELATED blog entry to the usual, general subject of political economy.
A BRIEF respite from the present day nightmare.

In a past entry from November 2008, I speculated about the validity of the "out-of-africa" hypothesis regarding human evolution, existence and its uneven development and distribution throughout the planet.
I did the November 2008 entry in blue typeface to distinguish it from other subject matter.
So, I will do this one, as well, in blue typeface.
I will link to my preceeding, November, 2008 blog entry at the end, in case anyone is interested.

In the following, I thought I would share with others what is another intriquing hypothesis by someone else with MANY more credentials and information than I regarding the Sphinx's riddle or revenge as to how ancient Egypt's pyramids were constructed.

Michel W. Barsoum's following hypothesis about Egyptian Pyramid construction seemed eminently plausible and elegantly simple to me.

So, first, the unofficial, generalized, public interest article, and, then, following, a link to Barsoum's blogspot, formal research, papers, presentations on the subject matter:

And, now Barsoum's official information:

And, here's my own, previous, blog entry questioning the plausibility of the Out-of-Africa hypothesis from November, 2008 to which I referred, above:

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