Sunday, February 1, 2009


The above headline and Press Release says it all.
Regional offices of the above/following named company, "Wall Street Organization WLL," to be located in Bahrain, the GCC.
And, here's a direct quote from their Press Release, link directly below the quote.
MY emphasis in BOLD type:

"...There are a number of factors pointing to an increase in the use of capital markets by companies, financial institutions and governments in the region. These include: The increasing need for IPOs and secondary offerings by growth companies within the Middle East region. The program of multiple privatizations (notably in the telecom and power sectors) enabling governments to release capital from state-owned assets and giving impetus to deregulation and market liberalization throughout the region..."

Here's what I found on the WSOWLL, seemingly, sole owner and founder, Stephen M. Cole.
In 2006, WSO first established themselves, of course, in Dubai:

And, here is some background info on Stephen M. Cole, gleaned entirely from secondary sources:

And, here's their/his website:

And alittle something else:

So, the point being, Middle East state companies and industries, notably, but, not limited to, their centerpiece, Iraq (and Iran) will be liquidated and privatized, financed with the help of US (United Suckers and Assholes) taxpayer dollars and debt.

In turn, (turnabout is fair play), many US and EU assets will themselves either be liquidated and/or repurchased at artificially depressed, bargain basement prices by the very SAME PRIVATE financial interests entering through the back door from abroad, the GCC, in the circular, revolving private capital money-go-round, orchestrated out of the Middle East Switzerland/GCC.

And, the United Suckers and Assholes multi-trillion dollar tax GIFT to help finance private capital do all this, above, does NOT even include the multi-billion dollar additional tax GIFT in the form of military defense spending for our mercenary armies who help to expand private empires abroad and the demise of our own industries.
Another freebie and bonus!

Forget lives and deaths.
I won't bother with that.
That's merely collatoral damage, which does not show up on the bottom line.

This is truly the penultimate racket, wouldn't you agree!!!???

In return, a few paltry, meagre bones are tossed out to the United Assholes and Suckers to keep the dogs from barking too much.

And for the plethora of "high net worth" individuals created from the above scheme, a euphemism for obscene wealth, those who, especially in United Suckers and Assholes Citigroup/Obooma Nazi land, have HELPED to fund and create with their munificent tax and debt GIFTS, bailouts, benefits and military subsidies, a new trust fund will be established, JUST FOR THOSE HIGH NET WORTH folks in Bahrain:

As a postscript, the financial institutions bailed out by the United Suckers and Assholes sought to hire low cost foreign workers. Why not? What difference does it make? If they can do the above and get away with it, they can do anything:

What is to be done??

Their above economic plans must be rendered INOPERABLE, UNGOVERNABLE, NEGATED, HINDERED, THWARTED AND OVERTURNED by each and every tactic possible and all means necessary, from sea to shining sea.

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