Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Some general strikes occuring throughout the globe.
Not a comprehensive list, but...

Question: Which nation is conspicuously absent?
Answer: United Suckers and Assholes Citigroup/Obooma Alice in Nazi Wonderland, of course.

Instead, Nazi Citigroup Obooma Dictatorship has gifted all taxpayers with approximately THREE TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT when all is said and done for which we are to be eternally grateful. Eternal is accurate:

And nary a word, strike or demonstration out of our "progressive opposition," our Fascist unions, especially SEIU, Andy Stern gang's Change to Win, major Obooma supporter and collaborator.

But, another country is missing, too.
A clone of the above.
Iran, also, I might add.
But, then again, here's the situation in Iran's liberated Iraq.

It is, after all, Iran's Iraq, the Kurdish Peshmerga thrown in for good measure:

Hardly a milieu, above, conducive to militant labor action or a general strike, I suppose.

Perhaps, they/we should bring the Andy Stern gang's SEIU, Change to Win, mafia led union, Obooma's major labor supporters, both to Iraq and Iran.
They would certainly fit together nicely, hand and glove.
As a matter of fact, it is an atmosphere the Andy Stern gangsters would just love.


Kerry Hinzman said...


I can't believe so many people are posting I am just a man.
Thanks for posting it on your blog. Its now been viewed by many people from all over the world and the feedback is amazing. When I wrote it last week I wrote it from the viewpoint of a man because that is how society views auto workers. I'm actually a mother of 3 though and have worked in the industry for almost 23 years.
There is something I don't think people realize and that is they have been lied to about the men and women who work in this industry. Lied to by elected officials, economists and some very dishonest and corrupt journalists who all have the same agenda and that is to see the fall of unions. The hate they are inciting in people is scary and no different than the hate Hitler encouraged the German people inflict on the Jews. If the auto workers were a religious group these acts would be viewed as hate crimes. Thanks for posting it and hopefully more people will read it and see we're not the monsters we've been painted as.
Take care.
Kerry Hinzman
CAW local 707

karlmarx said...

I am SURPRISED, SHOCKED AND DELIGHTED to get your response. Truly, I NEVER expected that.
I posted it precisely because I thought it eloquent. I am extremely pleased that people are responding the same way I did. Very glad to hear that. I would LOVE to be able to reproduce YOUR reply, as well.
Please e-mail me--KMWR