Sunday, February 8, 2009


Returning, momentarily, to events outside the domestic confines of the continental United Assholes and Suckers but very much intertwined, at the nub, the heart, the center, of current domestic events...continuing from previous postings.

Two sides of the Nazi US government coin exists.
Flip sides.

The domestic front handled, or, bungled, mishandled by Nazi Citigroup frontman Obooma, and, then, the foreign one, relegated to Fascist frontpersons Biden and Clinton.

Lots of NOISE and empty rhetoric about change emanating out of all sides of the one Nazi Citigroup government mouthpieces.

First, the US Congressional House Baltic Caucus remains alive, well and kicking.
And, here's a reminder of our putative, oxymoron named "peace" candidate, US Congressional Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, CO-CHAIRMAN of the House Baltic Caucus, attending one of their/his latest events:

And, another group to which our nominal "peace candidate," above, Kucinich, and HIS/their Baltic Caucus, are intertwined, the vitriolic, pugnacious, chilling, "Victims of Communism" organization.
You ought to peruse both these websites

Couple the above about the Northeast Europe Baltic Caucus with the following, below, about Southeast Europe Ukraine through which the preponderance of Russia's gas pipelines flow and the bulk of Russia's European land mass is sandwiched.

If the above about the Baltics and the following, below, about Ukraine, taken together, is not an ominous presage, forecast, prognostication of more war and conflict waiting to happen, I do not know what is.

First, "US Embassy Representative: Obama Has Great Plans Concerning Ukraine":

And, then, "Moldavian expert: Verdict of UN court paves way for legal partition of Ukraine initiated by Romania":

Additionally, playing at a theatre near you, SOON, KIRKUK'S explosion, the next chapter of the Iran/Iraq, regional mopping up, regime change and congruency scenario necessary for regional integration and economic privatization about which I have been writing since last spring, ALL FINANCED with help of/by United Suckers and Assholes taxes, debt AND their hypocritical Fascist, blood soaked, pension fund investments:

There is so much more to say about endless, ongoing privatization developments throughout the Nazi GCC states, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, IMF, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, etc.

So, I chose the following, an especially good illustrative example of the cynical, intertwined hypocrisy of all involved, the
"Israel Opportunity Fund Chair Meets Gulf Investors."
First, an EXCERPT, link following.
MY emphasis below in BOLD face type:

"Israel Opportunity Fund chair meets Gulf investors
The Gulf sovereign funds had an aggregate $2 trillion in assets under management in mid-2008.
Shlomit Lan, Davos8 Feb 09 17:09
Sources inform ''Globes'' that Israel Opportunity Fund chairman Dan GIllerman met senior officials from Gulf sovereign funds at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He apparently wants to interest the officials in Israel as an alternative place for their investments.
The Gulf sovereign funds reportedly had an aggregate $2 trillion in assets under management on the eve of the global economic crisis. They reportedly invested more than $10 billion in US banks, including Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) and Merrill Lynch & Co. (NYSE: MER), as well as in Switzerland's UBS AG (NYSE: SWX: UBS)..."

I will conclude with the following:

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