Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Nazi Citigroup/Obooma as, by now, EVERYBODY knows, is a complete, total, unmitigated disaster that befell the United Suckers and Assholes nation, a manufactured, shallow, hollow, demagogic Frankenstein created monster, an Administration pulled hither, dither and yon without ANY deep INDEPENDENT comprehension, knowledge or understanding of what to do, trying to satisfy everybody and satisfying NOBODY, digging ALL deeper and deeper into an abysmal mess, morass, an abomination, a curse on the planet and the END of the USA.

Nazi Citigroup Obooma and his petty CIA, gangster, mob Administration is the USA coup de grace.

His/their "stimulus" package should be called the "debt and inflation," banana republic, pork and anarchy bill.

The ship of state is being steered by idiots, historical neophytes, morons, juveniles, adolescents, petty gangsters, criminals, the Chicago mob and, of course, Nazi Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, his/their main benefactors.
From one end of the spectrum to the other, there is general agreement about this. For example,
"Banks Rescue Will Make Things Worse":


Immediately upon Obooma's Bomb, Senate passage of his/their Nazi Citigroup/Morgan Stanley Debt, Inflation and Pork Bill, which squeaked by because 3 Republican Senators either were bought or threatened, and his/their Bank Bailout announcement, above, Treasury Bills had their best day yet, for the simple reason the US now becomes THE largest debtor on the planet and MUST sell more government T-Bills at inflationary rates.

The PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank simply prints money, LOANS it to the US Treasury which then SELLS it as debt on the open market with interest PAID mostly by United Suckers and Assholes working class taxpayers.
We are borrowing FROM OURSELVES and indebted to the same banks!!


And, even the following about free public transportation, although I do not agree it should be part of any DEBT package, is correct for other reasons and amply illustrates lack of ANY progressive or positive program whatsoever.
It is no different than debt incurred to the IMF by so-called Third World countries to finance inflationary and unnecessary "development projects."
In fact, it is precisely the same thing.
So, here, for example, regarding what SHOULD be free public transportation:


Obooma and Citigroup represent a complete, total Nazi DICTATORSHIP with NO legitimacy, as such, whatsoever.
Nor was Obooma's election legitimate.
As I have said, war must be delcared on him/them.
I am not alone in this position, as you can see.
The ONLY support Obooma has comes from Citigroup, JP Morgan, their immediate circle of financial benefactors and profiteers and the Fascist, gangster, criminal, dictatorial, anti-Communist enterprise called unions who support him.
They are ALL part of the problem, not the solution.
They ALL must go down.

Indeed, he/they may all go down SOONER than you think.
If you cannot follow ALL the information below regarding the Andy Stern gang's SEIU, Obooma's MAJOR labor supporter, in their battle with UHW-West, United Healthcare Workers West, read through to the comment section at the bottom of the following:

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