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The following two articles below are simple, clear, to the point, which is why I chose them.
Unfortunately, the people at this website do NOT always get facts correct, but, when they do, they hit the nail on the head.
They also tend towards hyperbole, but, that's fine sometimes.
The banks receiving the bulk of taxpayers money is not quite endless.
They are/were the largest, their names well known by now.
Link following, EXCERPT:

"US headed for a thirty year depression because of wasted money by Bush, Obama – it’s a sinking Titanic in the first hour Jeff Cantor Feb. 8, 2009The wasteful spending in the name of bailing out banks, and increased Government spending will haunt America for the next thirty years. The Titanic is sinking and life saving boats are being wasted.
Every penny Federal
Reserve wasted in rescuing Citi, AIG…(an endless list) will have to be paid with full interest by the next several generations. Every penny Paulson and Bush distributed to their friends in Wall Street will have to be paid by the American taxpayers. Every penny that Obama will spend through the Government ‘Pork’ will have to be paid back also. It is the Titanic during first 45 minutes..."


And alittle more on a theme:

Then, for additional commentary on the absurdity unfolding in Nazi Citigroup/Obooma United Suckers and Assholes nation the following video.
The PERSON to whom you should pay most attention in the following program video is Rick Santelli, beginning around minute #3-4.
The video is not long, about 8 minutes, but, IF you wish you can begin at minute #3 approximately and listen/watch to the very end.
Rick Santelli is featured in the upper right hand corner of the screen, speaking from the trading floor at the NY Stock Exchange.
The bald headed fellow is the ringer, apologist in the bunch:

And, then, from Iceland:

Of course, THIS system of counterrevolutionary privatization AND capital concentration is THE one "they," above, are FOISTING upon everyone from the Middle East to the former Soviet Union, for which everybody fights and dies.

Since foreign and domestic finances are totally and completely intertwined, I thought I would add an extra note to today's otherwise banal and dismal domestic entry about:


Aside from Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, strategically placed as Governor of the Bank of Israel, and, then, the individuals and companies I have named previously surrounding the Gaza/Israel/Lebanon Gas wars and pipeline projects, Israel Opportunity Fund (see yesterday's blog entry just below), today, I will feature Israel's Nochi Dankner.
Here's an EXCERPT regarding Israel's Nochi Dankner, and, then, the link from which I took it, afterwards:

"...This person is connected to 83 board members in 13 different organizations across 13 different industries..."


After perusing the above link, which I hope you did, you might not have noticed it, but, an article exists about IDB Holdings, one of Dankner's numerous subsidiaries, and Credit Suisse. Here's an EXCERPT from that article. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...Four months ago Dankner undertook a major investment when IDB's subsidiary Koor Industries Ltd. (TASE:KOR) acquired about 3 percent of Credit Suisse for $1.1 billion and became the Swiss bank's third largest shareholder.
That deal has raised the international profile of IDB and Nochi Dankner personally.
Dankner said that he conceived the idea of investing in a foreign bank when he read in a newspaper last year on a flight to Singapore that Abu Dhabi was investing $7.5 million in Citigroup. He said that he had drawn up a shortlist of 26 banks to invest in but had chosen Credit Suisse because of its financial strength..."


Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank,, are well represented in the GCC coordinating, privatizing, speculative bubble and money-go-round.

Further, Israel's Bank Hapoalim, of which Dankner is a Director, has a Turkish partner "close to the AKP," as quoted below. And the projected Turkish-TIP (Trans-Israel) pipeline expansion also involves Turkish PM Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak and his Calik Group.

(From a previous blog entry: Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, was appointed CEO with Turkey's Calik Group and, in turn, Turkey's Calik Group was awarded sole contractor for the above pipeline project.)
"...Bank Hapoalim owns 35% of Bankpozitif, with the rest held by C Faktoring SA, whose owner, Halit Cingillioglu, is considered close to the AK Party, Turkey's current ruling party..."


And, to complete the financial circle, Dankner, above, happily and coincidentally, is PARTNERED in real estate with Tshuva, below, of Delek Group and Isramco's offshore Haifa, Israel gas consortium.
From a previous blog entry, February 2, 2009:

"...Yet all these paled in comparison with the fortunes of billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva, the majority shareholder in energy and property giant Delek Group, and the owner of, among numerous holdings, the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan..."
Heading on top,"Gas Discovery Tempers Israeli Recession Blues":

One big happy financial family!

And, last, but, not least, reminders from my two previous blogs, "Declare War on Citigroup/Obooma":


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