Sunday, February 22, 2009


I will return to other matters at a later point.
The above/below report speaks for itself.
WHERE is everyone? Where is their outrage?
And, what about accountability of IRAN'S Muwaffaq Al-Rubaie, Iraq's so-called National Security Advisor RESPONSIBLE for Al-Zaidi's incarceration and well being?
The same Al-Rubaie who previously addressed the CSIS.
And to whom the BBC referred and quoted.
For a reminder about this subject, see my previous blog:

And: Al-Zaidi tortured daily
"Uday Al-Zaidi [brother of the shoe thrower Muntadhir Al-Zaidi] told the Algerian newspaper Echorouk:
My brother begged the judge not to bring him back to prison because they are torturing him every day."

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