Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The following article about a subject called the UAE Offsets Program may not seem important to most people.

However, I am highlighting it BECAUSE it relates to a previous entry I did in 2005 on the connections between the UAE Offset Program, 9/11 and Daniel Pearl to which I will link, once again, afterwards.
"UAE Offsets Program Shares Success Story at Turkey Conference":

And, here's the previous blog entry I did about the UAE Offsets and their connection with 9/11 and Daniel Pearl from September, 2005:

In the previous blog entry from 2005, above, at the end, I linked to the international drug cartel network and the strange connections of Atta in Florida at the MadCow website.
In the latest from MadCow, they discuss Mexico's Carlos Slim, the NY Times and Slim's drug connections.
However, after reading the following link, once again, I will refer to my own previous blog entry on this matter:

So, now, about Mexico's Carlos Slim and Citigroup from one of my previous blog entries.
The paragraphs dealing specifically with Carlos Slim is approximately in the middle, about half way down, and a reprint from an old WSJ article:

What else is new in the world?
Or, what goes round, comes round.

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