Friday, June 4, 2010


I did warn everyone the ONLY known parameters existing for our Atlantic Gulf crude oil BP toxic sludge catastrophe is our great wide open Ocean. So, crude oil coming your way in the near future. Take a good look at one projected Atlantic crude oil track below. Feast your eyes upon it and behold a MAN MADE catastrophe of Biblical dimensions: HERE GREECE Meanwhile, ongoing fireworks and strikes in Greece regarding NAZI IMF/EU dictated European "austerity" measures AND wholesale sell out and sell off of STATE enterprises, with more forthcoming in Europe. BUT, NO organized labor opposition HERE, thanks to our collaborative partners and Fascist led unions, about which I will have something more to say, below: HERE JAMES CLAPPER NOMINATED NEW NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE DIRECTOR And, alittle something about James Clapper, proposed US National Intelligence Director. Clapper worked for a few years with Booz Allen Hamilton. Booz Allen NOW owned by Carlyle Group. I will provide a second link on that matter after the following brief Clapper background below. Basically, government contracts and money follow Clapper everywhere: HERE AND, the following is a GOOD, EXTENSIVE report from 2008 about Booz Allen and Carlyle Group, thus, Clapper, connections, AND, one of the very few, rare instances, beyond MY posts, reporting on the TABOO subject of SEIU and CALPERS labor pension PARTNERSHIP with Carlyle and Booz Allen, whose disastrous policies, as I have explained repeatedly, mortgage class and labor interests to those above and below. The SEIU, CALPERS labor connection to which I refer is on the LEFT, boxed in BLUE, at the very end, BOTTOM of the article: HERE A MODEST PROPOSAL And, now, a short, modest, proposal, paraphrasing Jonathan Swift. ONLY 1/3 of our Atlantic crude Gulf oil production presently goes towards US consumption. ALL US DEEP WATER drilling must IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY STOP! ALL existing Gulf and other platforms remaining provide energy ONLY for US consumption and NOT FOR EXPORT. That diminishes current Gulf oil platforms to at least 1/2 to 1/3 of its present volume with NO offshore deep drilling. And ALL aspects of the oil/energy industry and their assets must be nationalized, seized, federalized, from point of origin to refinement, transportation, distribution and labor. Subsequent steps taken to insure the safety of remaining platforms with an ultimate goal to phasing all out, replaced with a national energy program, planned production, distribution and consumption grid, conservation, resource allocation, reform, energy transformation, no or low cost public transportation, urban, rural and agricultural zoning and needs determined, reduced, controlled air travel, etc. Instead, we have THE OPPOSITE, a bimbo, CIA puppet NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Dictatorship President and an UNCONTROLLED, UNCONTAINED Atlantic Gulf BP crude oil gusher spreading itself like margarine throughout the coast lands and vast ocean and a VISIBLE, undeniable, irrefutable CATASTROPHE seen from air, space, land, sea which is/was totally preventable. One can view our conspicuous BP Atlantic Gulf crude natural disaster BOTH as an immediate, tangible national and international emergency AND a symbolic metaphor for the consequences of our present global ECONOMIC catastrophe. Little time remains COLLECTIVELY to HALT, STOP, REVERSE dead in their tracks either our Atlantic crude oil natural catastrophe and our insane, self-destructive, reactionary, economic policies. Otherwise, all will become as dead and extinct as the Dodo bird and those living creatures now mired and strangled in Atlantic crude oil toxic gook.

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