Monday, June 28, 2010


Once again, Israel/Lebanon/(Iran)Hezbollah/US/EU, etc., offshore Mediterranean gas wars, conflicts and territorial disputes re-ignite, REEMERGE with vengeance.
Report/link below.

Additionally, of course, Iraq's contested, intertwined, internecine KRG, Iran Sistani-Shahristani Baghdad Oil/Electric Minister unresolved election imbroglio, energy contract authority, financial distribution, UN Iran sanctions, etc., accelerate post haste in tandem.
Consider that which happened in Iraq previously a lull before the storm, prelude, opening to an all en"gulfing", intensifying, enlarged, engorged bloody imperialist regional conflagration, Afghanistan being an EXTENSION.
Afghanistan's notoriously corrupt, extortionist criminal government and their Taliban thugs and warlords, a Pakistan ISI creation, are the same folks who, IN COLD BLOOD, BRUTALLY ASSASSINATED, SHOT DEAD, BLEW OUT Benazir Bhutto's brains in front of a public audience, as you may recall, more BLOW BACK from our manufactured, NAZI criminal freedom fighters unleashed in the name of an anti-Communist and anti-Soviet religious crusade in Afghanistan, funded through the UAE and Pakistan's BCCI.
(Bank of Commerce and Credit, OR, Bank of Crooks and Criminals International).
A personal reflection, side note.
Benazir's assassination reminded me very much of Kennedy.
Turning back to the immediate.
Turkey's present NAZI Islamist AKP Erdogan government is, also, affiliated, associated, allied to/with Pakistan/Afghanistan's recent brutal, sadistic, barbarian, primitive, reactionary, virulent, toxic, pernicious, bloodthirsty, diabolically manufactured, subsidized and exacerbated Islamic Frankenstein monsters, intentionally created as in systemic WWII NAZI Jewish and political pogroms, extermination and mythical Aryan nations, cut programmatically from similar templates and sponsored by the same financial and industrial institutions, names, wealthy families and their cloned offspring to serve similar purposes.
Since most everyone seems to suffer from short and long term convenient historical amnesia, here's a reminder, just ONE post I did, amongst others, from December 2008 regarding the tripartite connection, Turkey/Pakistan/Afghanistan and notorious Afghan General Dostum's presence and warm welcome in Turkey:


Another simplistic geography lesson.
Pakistan's immediate neighborhood happens to include enemy, but, US ally, India, not exactly wildly enthusiastic and a happy camper about expanding, entrenched ISI power in their vicinity.
Nor China, of course.

As you sow, shall you reap.
I read a Stalin statue was just removed from former Soviet Georgia.
Blasphemy, to say the least.
What happens next to ALL those who HELPED to remove Stalin, and, I might add, Saddam's Statue, as well, is most well deserved.
Better place both statues in a mausoleum for safe keeping.
You/we will need them returned in the very near future.

Each and every insidious, diabolical, nefarious step taken in USSR WWII counter-revolution, SUCH AS THAT/THOSE MANUFACTURED ABOVE, including "opening up," that is, economically detaching, severing, transforming Red China from the USSR into a market based dependent economy and basket case, leads inevitably to the many, MULTIPLE intractable, unyielding, insolvable global and regional contradictions, conflicts, problems, confrontation, destabilization you see unfolding before your eyes right now and to the ultimate necessity and inevitability of military resolution.
So, what/who/which one will be the ostensible "trigger," provocation, spark, incident, hair that broke the camel's back, this time around, unleashing and exploding the military might of ALL combined together, one of the numerous reasons US and Israeli warships and air force are prowling about Arabia's Gulf Peninsula, while Turkey's military actively pursues and bombs the PKK within Kurdistan/Iraq/Turkish borders, along with Iraq's daily, orchestrated, blood curdling killing, bombing, assassinations, murder, theft, robbery, violence, intimidation, rape, torture and Yemen and...
The list goes on and on and on..:



Lastly, a reproduced update and reminder, link, from my favorite Greek roving English language journalist, taxikipali, concerning tomorrow, Tuesday, June 29 upcoming Greek General Strike:


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