Tuesday, June 15, 2010


US military General Honore of Hurricane Katrina fame says our Gulf crude catastrophe response must be militarily organized as if it were WWIII.

In this aspect, I agree with Honore.
But, Honore stops short his Federalizing, nationalizing, military attack when it comes to seizing private energy assets.
Then, this week, we have a 3 ring circus with Congressional hearings and international major oil executives testifying, BP later on.
The hired help grill their paymasters.
Much theatre and entertainment.
Lots of talk about Federal "regulations" of private industry.
Lapses, failures, blame game, mea culpa, etc.
Funny, isn't it?
Everything Federalized now, say they, disaster/catastrophe response, relief, regulation, payment, jurisdiction, etc.

OWNING OUTRIGHT our own natural resources and assets.
The ENTIRE INDUSTRY, not just our current BP poster child.
Meanwhile, BP and their British representatives truly are an obnoxious, arrogant bunch of bastard snobs, taking great umbrage at virulent attacks on them.
Clearly, they suffer from an illusory SUPERIORITY complex.
They have NO grasp on reality and power whatsoever.
They must live in another century.

Of course, our present resident White House SCUMBAG and his Administration are no different.
I am surrounded in my environment unavoidably by inarticulate, idiotic ramblings.
It is as painful to hear and see NAZI Obooma and his Administration spokespersons as it was pickle brain Bush and his association of arrogant cohorts.
Like chalk squeaking on a blackboard.
It grates and sends chills up one's spine.

I try to limit and escape exposure to him/them as much as possible.
But, their voices and mug shots dominate and penetrate my environment ubiquitously like Hitler and his cohorts in NAZI occupied Europe
with NO escape offered abroad.

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