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Most of the material I peruse, at least, here, manages to completely disregard, ignore, avoid the fact that EU countries ALSO have MAJOR vested commercial interests in the outcome of the prized Middle East North Africa (MENA) speculative, privatizing bubble as much as if not greater or equal to that of the GREATEST United Suckers and Assholes country on the planet.

Along with alot else, specific European commercial interests manage to disappear here as factors from most analysis, commentaries, whether it be fake Left, Opportunist, or outright corporate NAZI sponsors.

But, of course, NAZI EU countries are just as immersed in the latest global, counter-revolution, privatizing game as is the GREATEST United Suckers and Assholes country on the planet.

Due to an unforeseen and unfortunate accident, turn of history, namely, WWII outcome, EU, Eurasian countries no longer are major military powers unto their own might, comparable to the newest global NAZI kid on the block and the 800 military pound adolescent gorilla behemoth, NAZI United Suckers and Assholes, whose NOT too gentle or genteel footprint leaves a gigantic swath of disastrous destruction in its path anywhere the gorilla happens to land on other continents, like a giant tsunami wave.

All underneath its clumsy feet manage to crumble away to dust and sand.
But, of course, historical turnabout is fair play, I suppose.

After all, European imprints on THEIR newly discovered land mass, continent, were certainly NOT dainty, delicate ones, either.

And, truly, there is and has been NO global empire, indigenous ones included, the Maya being notable, who were dainty and delicate about their exploits of empire building. It is in the nature of primitive capital accumulation. Barbaric, unbridled, wanton slaughter, death, mass destruction, war, and cruel, inhumane slavery and labor exploitation.

What Marx would call the prehistory of human capital accumulation and scarcity.

The repercussions of Europe's colonizing experiment in their newly encountered, virgin land mass created the world's first GLOBALIZED empire and continental economic integration, the reverberations of which continue to be felt today.

So, other countries on the Eurasian landmass who, regretable for themselves, have been shaken off the top of the historical tree of global Fascism are now forced down, somewhat, to defer, grovel, leverage, take into account the present day power realities of the new 800 pound adolescent gorilla of global NAZISM stepping down on what was/is otherwise THEIR home turf and continent.

Though forced by "bitter circumstance" to live with this inverted relationship, does not mean they are too happy about it, longing again for empire and their rightful place at the center of the world.
But, for the time being, the precocious gorilla must be assuaged.

So, from previous posts about Israel Bank Hapoalim's major, significant power struggle, expressing, I believe, the EU/Swiss/German-Iran-Ahmadimoron energy alignment versus Citigroup Bank of Israel Governor, in which Fischer won, no doubt, aware of events pending in NAZI Iran, I thought I would mention a few other notes regarding how global imperial interests line up just so that people realize at least I, if not others, am aware Old Europe has not fallen off the map AND THAT IT/THEY TOO ARE MAJOR PARTNERS/FACTORS in this OLD, ancient struggle for domination, hegemony of the Eurasian land mass and, thus, the world.

First of all, I will repeat, Obooma makes NO policy, whatsoever.
On the contrary.
Generally, whatever he says is the opposite of what is really happening. He is the disinformation frontman, specialist, doublespeak, par excellence.

Clearly, for example, it is/was Hillary Clinton and perhaps Biden, as well, QUIETLY, working behind the scenes, representing the interests of the 800 pound gorilla, who did her/their homework, aligning "old" European commercial interests undoubtedly to the well known, planned, current developments unfolding in Iran, i.e., regime change, congruency, mopping up to eradicate, ameliorate the cancerous contradiction surrounding the KRG, Erbil versus Iran's Baghdad Oil Minister.
I will return to this subject, shortly, below.

But, first, a few developments from Old Europe, in conjunction with the above, just to remind everyone the EU exists and they DO have concrete commercial interests to/with events in the Middle East and elsewhere.

So, here's an interesting one, I thought:
"Berlin Nod for Gaspool Pact:"

Tied in with the above, Europe's Lisbon Treaty.
Wish I could follow details about everything happening, but, I cannot.

So, I thought I would just link to the Irish indymedia website which has some interesting commentaries both on Europe's proposed Lisbon Treaty AND Iran:

Now, returning to the subject at hand, regime change in NAZI Iran and THE fundamental, stumbling block causing all to happen.
First of all, in case you live on the dark side of the moon, a reminder:

"Iran Investment Opportunities Website Launched."
FIRST, they need alignment, congruency and regime change:

Because of the impediments and contradictions I have enumerated.

Below are a few websites with extensive articles featured PROMINENTLY related to the KRG, Erbil versus Baghdad Oil Minister conflict and its ramifications, including current events in NAZI Iran, and alot more, as well, which you can peruse and follow:


And, here's one more about the above sticky wicket:

"Iraq Kurds Pass New Constitution to Include Kirkuk":

Keeping all the above in mind, I will link to the following, which, as usual, aside from morally, is factually precise, helpful, correct, informative. BUT, I take issue with just one point, the conclusion. It is PRECISELY for the reasons I have enumerated, above, in addition to those below, unfolding Iran regime change is necessary and inevitable.

The ONLY way to reconcile these irreconcilable, intractable, explosive contradictions, since "diplomacy," i.e., compromise, carrots, warnings and sticks do NOT work, is through regime change, mopping up, congruency. It is precisely FOR these reasons, this conundrum, that the Big Bang, Middle East Explosion occurs in Iran AND Iraq with more developments forthcoming. The Mullahs are indeed very stupid, their demise being assured by their own intractability. They should know better not to bite the hand that feeds them.

BUT, as I have said, the situation is carefully "monitored" because it can easily spin out of hand, out of their control and thedesired outcome for all NAZI interests everywhere concerned and turn into its opposite.

And, THAT becomes real revolution:

As a final followup footnote and afterthought, the latest notes from the NAZI Homeland and homefront United Suckers and Assholes Quixotic Single-Payer and union battle.

Featured below, a brave, isolated, lonely protester arrayed against the organized labor mafia scumbags, sellouts and NAZI collaborators:

And, for more on battles surrounding SEIU:

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