Saturday, June 20, 2009


For those of you following this blog for sometime, you know the competing interests I have enumerated percolating behind events now exploding so "suddenly" on large TV screens in all our living rooms regarding NAZI Islamic Iran's precipitated power struggle, their horrific militias, thugs, goon squads, brutality, etc, not limited to NAZI Iran but extending to Iran's occupation of Iraq and its Baghdad government.

However, everybody should realize, as well, that Pahlavi interests are well represented here amongst the 24-hour media attention our corporate sponsors provide.

The world's largest, so-called independent, Persian media broadcasting outlet outside of NAZI Iran, is in California and it is a Pahlavi creation.

Pahlavi interests and representatives make no secret about the fact that NAZI Iran's Mullahs MUST go in favor of a pre-Islamic 1979 Persian government.

After all, AS I HAVE SAID, our NAZI Islamic Iranians have outlived their usefulness, the purposes for which they were initially created and are now an obstruction, impediment to further regional, economic integration and privatization.

So, the Pahlavi interests, at least, want to replace the current Islamic Mullah Dictatorship and their NAZI militias with another Fascist one, under guise of democracy, of course, which will satisfy the requirements of all concerned regarding regional privatization, congruency, regime change, mopping up and economic integration.

NO question exists that the Persian Mullah regime is finished. I have said so repeatedly, well before these events unfolded. Ahmadimoron is toast. The current situation being a Catch 22. Their international legitimacy and authority is completely gone up in smoke, no matter what happens next.

The question becomes, does THIS POPULAR, broad based, deep, manifold Iranian uprising, revolt, insurrection and their SACRIFICE become just another USURPED revolution betrayed, like that of 1979?

Will their heroic struggles be used, manipulated, betrayed as tragic tools for the ulterior, cynical purposes of all concerned above?
THAT is THE question hovering in the air.
And, that is what EVERYONE must insure DOES NOT happen.
Their battle is our battle is one battle.
The question becomes direction and who finally seizes power?

EVERYONE on the globe, especially countries immediately surrounding them, must find their own tactical, strategic ways how to seize and exploit THEIR moment of disunity, disarray and disintegration, thereby uniting, advancing, combining with and supporting them.

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