Thursday, June 18, 2009


Behind current NAZI Iran events, regime change, lay the regionally EXPLOSIVE, divisive situation I have been following all along, an irreconcilable conflict between NAZI Iran/Iraq Baghdad's current Oil Minister, the KRG, Erbil, Kirkuk, oil/gas contracts and an attempt to resolve it via Persian/NAZI Iran regime change, congruency, influence, leverage and mopping up.

Included in the outcome of this power struggle are specific economic interests representing just about every international player, allied, aligned with or against each other in one or another way.

NAZI Iran's current events will NOT go away nor will they be resolved as desired.
That is why everyone "monitoring" is hesitant.
The outcome is unsure.

One should have no illusions about Mousavi's Rafsanjani backers, perhaps, the Morgan Stanley First Persia Fund crowd, as well, and the Pahlavi dynasty thrown in for good measure.

But, as I have said, given the overall context, NAZI Iran CAN BECOME revolutionary Persia, as well as a catalyst for much else in the region and the world.

The possibility exists for complete, total, destabilization, all out war, military coups and confrontation, which is what I anticipate forthcoming.
As I have said repeatedly, both internal and external contradictions are now simply too many, too deep, intransigent for anything other than explosive, cataclysmic resolutions.

It is up to those in and outside NAZI Iran/Persia and the Iraq/Arab resistance and what remains of it AND EVERYONE ELSE regionally and globally to ORGANIZE, unite, resist, seize the moment and transform it into something else.
Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution came at the height and as a consequence of WWI, from which he withdrew Russian troops.
A revolutionary Persia/Iran, in addition to the US, MUST renounce occupation, territorial expansion and aggression under guise of Islamic Hamas, Hezbollah and withdraw its militias from Iraq!

Currently, SYSTEMIC crisis, disarray, disunity exists within competing imperialist factions and circles and internal corresponding class conflicts.

More dislocation definitely forthcoming.

The nub of the conflict, the center, the heart of the dilemma, about which I have been writing repeatedly, is reiterated, below.
It is a totally and completely obvious one to me and the present coup within NAZI Iran/Persia is an attempt to realign and reconcile the irreconcilable.
It will not work.
It is a cul-de-sac, a dead end:

"IRAQ/OIL-CONTRACTS: * Kurdish oil official says Oil Ministry in 'disarray'* Head of main Iraqi oil unit rejects oil contract auction* Iraq government defiant, says auction going ahead* Kurdish oil official says foreign firms likely hamstrungBAGHDAD, June ..."

Simultaneously, Maliki meets Lukoil and it is quite obvious why smirking chimp Ahmadimoron shook hands with money bagman Medvedev:

And below is a reminder of the barbaric conditions created by NAZI Iranian militias in Iraq and those that the great humanitarian "opposition" APOLOGISTS, DENIERS AND RATIONALIZES continue to flout, ignore and disregard at their own and everyone else's peril, simply aggravating and entrenching further a now unavoidable explosion:

And, while JBANC wants to remind everyone about the phantom "horrors" of a Communist Dictatorship, perhaps it is because Latvians are taking to the streets to protest the current nightmarish conditions created by their NAZI/Fascist Dictatorship which replaced their previous Communist one:


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