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First, the smirking chimps above to which I refer.
Namely, NAZI Iran Ahmadimoron and Russia's money bag man Medvedev.
They both look like and ARE smiling assholes, scumbags and smirking chimps in their recent photo op and vigorous handshakes.
As good as or better than Netanyahooooo.
So much for irresistible editorial commentary on the global panoply of NAZI smirking chimps.

By the way, in addition to forecasting Iraq/Iran/regional regime change, congruency and mopping up, another reminder.

I did say in previous posts that EVERYONE associated with NAZI Iran will go DOWN holding hands together and singing kumbaya and that NAZI Iran is both literally and figuratively the kiss of death.
And, so it comes to pass.

Next, updates about United Suckers and Assholes continued, single payer battle and escalating confrontation, because, as I have said, the issue encapsulates so well United Suckers and Assholes numerous class contradictions.

Forget empty rhetoric, knee jerk reactions, vacuous slogans, jargon, the Zionist/Jewish lobby, conspiracy, cabal, etc.

HERE is THE basic, fundamental element, my dear Watson, substantive issue and power relationship, contained, wrapped neatly within and exposed, IN A NUTSHELL, easy to understand and can be extrapolated further to other issues and abroad as well.

First, as usual, some succinct comments from Ralph Nader and an upcoming book entitled "Grand Illusion..."

However, as you will see in my links below AND I have repeatedly shown on this blog, Grand Illusion represents a PATTERN OF INTENTIONAL, WILLFUL, AFL-CIA, now, SEIU, post WWII COMPLICITY AND DECEIT.
But, perhaps, the book says as much.

It is willful, self-serving rationalization, class collaboration, corruption, cooptation and opportunism, by design, not by accident, having literally shot and assassinated their way into union leadership and organizational control in many instances, i.e., Teamsters, Mineworkers, etc., once leadership opened after post WWII McCarthy Congressional Communist purges.

ALSO in a previous post, I did warn, the Democratic Party will be D.O.A., Dead on Arrival, at the White House. And, SO IT IS and has become.
And, we have not even gotten to impeached Illinois Governor Blagoyevich's pending trial, which will be a media feeding frenzy when it finally opens.

So, with all the above caveats, Nader's post:

As for Obooma's BOGUS public OPTION plan SUPPORTED BY THE AFL-CIA, SEIU NATIONAL HIERARCHY, here is another excerpt, aside from Nader, above, dismissing it as sham, link follows:

"...“The public option preserves all the systemic deficiencies that we see in the current system,” Skala said. “It maintains a finance system that is based on private insurance and private insurers and their drive to fight claims, issue denials, screen out the sick and make a big profit generate tremendous administrative waste — 400 billion dollars a year.”
“Now you can expand coverage by just raising taxes and paying insurers to cover people but that’s not a sustainable system,” Skala said. “But it won’t cover every body and it will fall apart quickly due to rising cost as we’ve seen in Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon, Tennessee and Minnesota — state after state after state and it hasn’t worked

There are further reasons, from my point of view, and I have presented them previously. The Obooma plan, intentionally, tactically divides, as is readily demonstrated above, relies upon state funding and taxes, which will NOT happen and, thus, does NOT threaten Federal tax monies which go to Citigroup, war funding, etc. So, above excerpt from:

And, now, we have the following really SIGNIFICANT development as a result, which essentially recapitulates and restates the above with a few more added points:

"Labor Splits Over Healthcare":

Of course, in SPITE of the above, militant actions, strikes, direct confrontations do NOT happen, as yet.
That still lies within the realm of leadership, which is why it does and will not happen, YET.

And, of course, still nobody questions, threatens, confronts, another key, fundamental issue and contradiction, namely, union pension fund investment into private health care corporations as well as all other major, multinational private corporations.
But, that's another stage of development. Have not gotten there yet. Baby steps. Must learn to crawl before one can walk.

And, then, more fallout from our totally CORRUPT, ANTI-COMMUNIST, AFL-CIA, SEIU MAFIA LED sleazebag union leadership. Ongoing, continued, perpetual turf war and infighting which I covered in previous blogs between UNITE HERE and SEIU. IMPORTANTLY, the following excerpt, link follows. They can hardly wait to get their dirty, greasy, grimy, sordid hands on all that money and bankrupt the bank, or control investment, like they do with their labor pension funds:

"...JUAN GONZALEZ: Yes. Well, at the crux of the legal battle between the two groups that have split is who is going to end up controlling the Amalgamated Bank, the only union-owned bank in America, with about $4 billion in assets. A lot of people call it the crown jewel of the American labor movement. And so, there is a huge battle—who is legally still in charge of the Amalgamated Bank?—that will have to be decided by a federal court eventually..."

Above from:

To conclude, in case you have not yet gotten THE clear message, the moral of our story, here it is, spelled out.
The latest nightmare and horror story, courtesy of JBANC, of course:

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