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As you may recall, Canada's Heritage Oil, initially owned by Mr. 5% Gulbenkian fame of the original, privately held Iraq Petroluem Company established PRIOR to Saddam Hussein's Socialist Baath Party nationalization, was partnered with the KRG's mysterious, as yet, UNSPECIFIED investors in the Eagle Group of Iraq.

I THEN speculated, in 2005, as to WHO might comprise the Eagle Group of Iraq, but, I never got an answer.
POSSIBLY, Talabani and/or Barzani?

Canada's Mr.5% Gulbenkian then sold Heritage to the notorious African mercenary and sleazebag, British Tony Buckingham, about whom much has been written.
For some background reminders/links on the above, here's a previous blog entry from August 2008:

And, then, alittle while back, I indicated the canary in the coalmine was that Buckingham and Heritage indicated they were once again selling Heritage Kurdistan assets.
I do not know IF the murky Eagle Group of Iraq still exists and is partnered with Heritage, altho, I ASSUME their initial deal is null and void after all these changes. Could be wrong about that.

And, NOW, GUESS FINALLY WHO MIGHT end up with Heritage? Possibly the SAME or CONNECTED ABU DHABI investors who purchased Poland's Gdansk shipyard.

The French, of course, for the first time in their history, JUST established a military base in Abu Dhabi.
An expanding, classic, unfolding, explosive, imperial Eurasian chessboard which engulfs everyone.
Simultaneous to the above French action, Abu Dhabi liquidates its major investment in Britain's Barclays Bank sending Barclays shares into a downward spiral, but, Qatar claims they are remaining with Barclays:

Abu Dhabi is not alone unloading Barclays shares.
And, a few more murky and competing international entities lurking around Kurdistan:

And, now, returning to a related matter, a domestic issue of single-payer health care insurance in United Suckers and Assholes territory.

Following my previous posts about the insidious role of our NAZI penetrated, infiltrated AFL-CIA, SEIU, Karen Ignagni collaborators and WHY United Suckers and Assholes will NOT get single-payer, the following single payer update mentions so-called Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

A very, very brief video link documenting Sanders repartee is available at the end of the following link. I highly suggest you listen to it.

Following this latest report on Sanders and Single Payer, I will call your attention to Sanders on another issue in 2008, an OPEN SECRET THAT EVERYONE DENIES and then feigns shock at the unexpected, unanticipated, consistent PATTERNS of duplicity and betrayal.

So, here's an EXCERPT regarding Sanders currently, link follows:

"...But Senator Sanders appears to be willing to vote with his Senate colleagues for something less than single payer.
When asked by a reporter whether Senate Democrats would lose Sanders’ vote if they went for a public option and not single payer, Senator Sanders said it was too early to say.
Sanders was challenged by Single Payer Action’s Russell Mokhiber on whether President Obama was responsible for the failure of single payer to move in the Congress.
“President Obama, in 2003, when he was a state Senator in Illinois, said he supported single payer and all we would have to do is take the White House, the House and the Senate,” Mokhiber said to Sanders. “Now, he has taken the White House, the House and the Senate. And now he’s opposed to single payer. Doesn’t President Obama bear some responsibility here?”
“And the answer is – give the President a ring,” Sanders said.
But don’t you believe President Obama bears some responsibility for not taking a leadership role for single payer?
“I’m not going to – you can call up the President and get his views,” Sanders said.
(See video clip of Sanders response


And, now, Bernie Sanders speaking about Congressional energy legislation from June 10, 2008.

On June 10, 2008 so-called Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders appeared on C-Span's early morning telephone, call-in program to discuss the Congressional upcoming Energy Bill which Sanders helped draft. Sanders sits on the Congressional Energy Committee.

Here's an EXCERPT from my June 11, 2008 blog entry in which I reported Sanders remarks on the June 10, 2008 C-Span program, which can be verified and documented through C-Span's video archives:

"...So, once again, to my utter amazement, a gentleman telephoned into C-Span to ask a question of Mr. Sanders to the effect, why don't we, the US, build and own our own oil and gas pipelines and control our own energy resources, in effect, nationalization?

He did not use that word, that term. But, the question amounted to the same thing. This fellow sounded genuinely inquisitive, open, curious, sincere. He was not challenging or threatening Mr. Sanders. Much like the child who asks the proverbially simplistic and obvious question to any adult, "Why is the sky blue?"

Bernie Sanders response to this profound subject amounted to a more or less offhand gesture of the hand, a few words, equalling not more than a sentence, and he matter of factedly stated it is "too radical" for the US and would not be considered for even 2 minutes and then he proceeded to talk about his/their energy bill as if the question had never been asked..."

So, is it any wonder Sanders waffles regarding single-payer health care? Should anyone be surprised?

And, if you do not understand the correlation of domestic events, as demonstrated above, then, you will not understand foreign ones, abroad, either. They are ONE, parallel, aligned, congruous universe and pattern of behaviour, totally interrelated, intertwined and interconnected.

So, suckers of the world, unite, you have nothing but your above assholes to lose, if we are lucky and fortunate enough.

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