Friday, June 5, 2009


Guess what happened when I awoke this morning?
The sun was still shining!! Incredible!! A miracle.
What an enormous shock.
SO UNpredictable.
Just like the tides and the moon and the planetary orbits.
Same as what I read, see and hear on the corporate, fake Left media echo chamber, as its called, AND much of the internet.
Every day is a new day.
History is intentionally forgotten and rewritten.
Never mind theory, which is totally beyond the intellectual capacities of present day self-induced and self-inflicted amnesia.

And, so, for a brief personal respite (the phrase I utilized reminds me of Vittorio De Sica's 1973 EXCELLENT film
"A Brief Vacation"), rather than regurgitate ad nauseum on the obvious stupidity around me, I thought I would just link to a previous post from January, 2008 which I entitled, appropriately, "American Pornography."
It could be expanded to encompass Global Pornography:

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