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It seems, at least, superficially, we have a CURRENT duo and winner in the Kurdistan and Heritage Oil two, three or multiple step change partners and dance contest.

Mercenary extraordinaire, British Tony Buckingham of Heritage Oil, about whom I have linked in previous blogs, and Turkey's Genel, part of Turkey's powerful Cukorova Group, have consummated their recent dalliance with a formal marriage.
Perhaps, they will celebrate their nuptials at NYC's swanky Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, like their predecessors did before them, Turkey's Akbank and Citigroup.
But, separation and divorce are also common events in this contest.
So, it may be a wee bit too early to declare sure winners:

I have done numbers of blogs about the illicit, shady, murky characters and backgrounds in Kurdistan's Heritage Oil dealings and their two, three or multiple step change partners and dance routine since inception.

In a previous blog, it appeared Abu Dhabi was the likely purchaser of Heritage.

In addition, the mysterious Eagle Group of Iraq as far as I can see appears to have evaporated into thin air in the midst of oh so many separations, divorces and marriages that have occurred since inception.

Here's my previous blog entry about a potential Abu Dhabi purchase of Heritage, with alittle background reminder:

ONLY for those who have NOT been following it all, I will highlight, ONCE AGAIN, a CRITICAL link about Buckingham's background contained within ALL my previous postings. I will repeat it since it is so pertinent to this story. Note, in addition, JP Morgan Cazenove became advisor to Heritage around the time of Buckingham's arrival:

Of course, Persia/NAZI Iran's present Baghdad government has expressed their displeasure about the KRG, Erbil's, independent oil contracts BUT Maliki and Ahmadimoron and Company will soon be toast, gone, history. ENTER, stage right, new US ally, France's Total:

And, now, changing the subject ever so slightly, the United Suckers and Assholes single payer doublespeak contest award winner.

I told "yawl" to observe carefully HOW single payer would unfold here and that it would be a highly illustrative, instructive example of the standard PATTERN, mode of operation, both here and abroad.

Now, catch this doublespeak explanation, excuse or rationalization at the BOTTOM of the following link:

"...But don’t look for President Obama to lead on single payer health, Himmelstein says.
“The President is opportunist in the positive since of the word,” Himmelstein said. “He’s prepared to bend to our will if we make it an overwhelming show of political might — and at this point the political might is against us and that’s what he’s bent to. I think we can bend the president the other way. But he’s not going to lead he’s going to follow.”..."

DUH??!!! The above exquisitely tortured logic comes out of the mouth of a highly educated, prestigious Ivy League Harvard University Medical Faculty member!!

But, then, we need only be reminded of Iraq's Harvard Memory Project associations, Kenan Makiya, Rend Rahim Francke, Merchantbridge, Chalabi,, and Iraq's present so-called government.

Harvard is a private educational institution with enormous endowments, prestige and global, corporate investments. Harvard finances itself both from student tuition/fees AND its private investments, which, as far as I know, remain mostly secret. Harvard's investments are NOT readily, easily available public information.

I do NOT wish to malign, slander or diminish the often excellent scholarly research and standards that apply in Harvard. But, what Harvard academic faculty, personnel do or do NOT research, investigate, teach, say publicly, are influenced by subject matter, role, rank, high profile, department, business interests, government and military research contracts, relationships, etc. So, naturally, given the above situation, genuine, honest intellectual and academic pursuits and integrity are oft compromised due to the inherent nature represented by the above dual purpose of the institution and conflicts of interest.

So, clearly, SOMEONE above leaned on Mr. Himmelstein, or, self-censorship, to "tone it down," to borrow someone else's phrase, or, "do damage control," AFTER Calif Nurses Association Rose Ann DeMoro, to her unyielding credit, spoke alittle too truthfully, let the cat out of the bag, with her previous descriptions which I quoted in my blog BELOW about the SEIU, AFL-CIA and Democrats pernicious, obstreperous role in blocking and subverting NATIONAL, universal single-payer health care legislation.

So, the above represents the sort of twisted, circular, contorted, distorted, convoluted, pretzel logic, language and empty rhetoric when one attempts to excuse and rationalize away the truth. "Oh what a tangled [linguistic] web we weave when we practice to deceive." Himmelstein is a very clear, articulate, precise, eloquent person, as you can readily see IF you listen to his entire interview, link following. In my blog below I said there would be lots of squirming and fancy footwork to extricate from the contradictory, confrontational mess, corner, into which everybody painted themselves regarding single payer.

So, here is Himmelstein's statement in full, video link at the bottom:

Meanwhile, on the same website, if you peruse it further, other notables ALSO lament the wholesale sellout and sell off of NATIONAL, universal single payer. It's a virtual chorus. A cacophony of voices. Single payer will NOT pass UNLESS there is a "popular" groundswell, as the argument goes, more or less, which you can read/hear for yourselves. But, from whence, whom, where and how is this "popular" groundswell to manifest itself? What concrete organizational form, structure, expression will it have?


Indeed, as I write, United Suckers and Assholes Fascist, mafia led, corrupt, obscene, collaborative AFL-CIA, SEIU ersatz, anti-Communist labor union leadership along with their bogus community front groups, which includes Acorn, are busy ACTIVELY ORGANIZING TO SUPPORT OBOOMA'S NIGHTMARE HEALTH CARE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER IN DIRECT OPPOSITION TO OUR NATIONAL SINGLE-PAYER ADVOCATES!!

This is THE fundamental contradiction I have enumerated in MANY, MANY post entries and, specifically, my post BELOW regarding single payer.

While on the subject, let me hammer away at my point by utilizing another illustrative example of disinformation, doublespeak, contradiction, subversion and intentional division from within.

Various articles get forwarded to me from time to time, appearing in my e-mail inbox.
So, the following one, below, came to me just recently via e-mail and is a case study to add to the above.

Begin reading. It sounds fine. But, notice, complete, total GENERALIZATIONS. NEBULOUS truisms, power relationships everybody knows already.

The kicker, HOWEVER, the ONLY SPECIFIC mentioned below comes in the very last sentence/paragraph. I had to laugh aloud. It's comical. If you understand the joke, the punch line is at the end. As you may recall, I once mentioned, SARCASTICALLY, in a previous blog, IF I recall correctly, even single payer might be made into a Zionist/Jewish plot.

Have come reasonably close to that thesis with the following punch line at the end. The strategic purpose, function of this gratuitous addition at the end is DIVERSIONARY, like so much else:

"Who Rules America":

This sort of analysis, polemics, could go on indefinitely, which is why I do not bother with it normally. The pattern is so well defined. To me, it is a commonplace, a given. It is historical pattern since the end of WWII and the 1950s. However, since single-payer IS such a MAJOR issue here and everywhere, I decided to feature it and advise everyone to watch how it unfolds. It functions for others like the laboratory mouse experiments.

The single-payer issue in United Suckers and Assholes is a HIGH PROFILE case study in point, eminently predictable, if you were reading my earlier posts.

I WISH I were wrong. I would LOVE to be incorrect. But, power relationships are power relationships. Facts are facts. The earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around. If you want social change, you must do applied science, not medieval astrology or obscurantism.

So, now, for more, scroll down to my post entry just below...or...use this link, instead:

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