Monday, June 29, 2009


I assume everyone knows the little nursery rhyme,
"Humpty Dumpty had a big fall..."
In case not, here are two sing along versions I will provide, gratuitously, for all adult children out there.
If you do not know the tune, memorize it well...

Or, if you prefer, a more melodic version:

...BECAUSE Humpty Dumpty is precisely what is happening now regarding the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of counter-revolutionary, reactionary, Middle East NAZI speculative, privatizing bubble thanks to NAZI Iran, Iraq, Kurds and a cast of many thousands, millions more to be precise.

BUT, their/this giant, global, reactionary, counter-revolutionary Fascist historical project which began with the covert and overt demise of the Soviet Union and money bagman Gorbachev is about to go up in flames and down in smoke. It has had more than a few hiccups along the way and one too many contradictions.

As for the Iraq oil contracts about to be proffered, they will not be worth the paper on which they have been, or, will be written.

I have explained all the many reasons why for some time now. I will not bother repeating and updating it all at the moment.

For more detailed, specific breakdown or a scorecard as to which NAZI Iranian and Kurdish militias are which in Iraq, etc., by now, you should know where and whose blogs and websites to turn. I will not link again.

By the way, for those who might recall the Peter Sellers classic 1964 satirical film, "Dr. Strangelove," now is the time for its revival, I believe.

It characterizes the features of a NAZI Dictatorship under which we presently all live very well.
Appparently, it is available on youtube in sections.
For those who have NEVER seen the movie, I will link to it out of sequence.
FIRST, below, PART 6, which features the marvelous performance of Dr. Strangelove and THEN, afterwards, Part 1 from which you can follow along numerically:

So, Part 6:

And, then, Part 1:

Recall, however, as I have emphasized many times, out of WWI, the greatest imperialist war to end all wars emerged its antithesis, the Soviet Union.

Out of WWII counter-revolution against the S.U, once again, instead, came expansion of its antithesis, the Soviet Union and further global revolution.

So, NOW, WWIII global counter-revolution.
What will emerge next out of the above ashes?
Either reinvention of what was the former Soviet Union, Communist China and the remainder of the globe OR species annihilation.

One or the other.

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