Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The following EXCERPT from a link below explains quite clearly, for all and anyone confused by it, the two acronyms and BIG differences represented by a SMALL name discrepancy surrounding proposed United Suckers and Assholes Health Care Insurance reform.

It is by design, NOT by accident, our scumbag, sleazy, mafia led, anti-Communist collaborative labor unions supporting NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship acronym when said aloud reads, H-CAN, i.e,
"Yes, We Can," the moronic, stupid, idiotic, meaningless, amorphous, garbage, obscurantist, mystical, magical Fascist logo used by our NAZI Presidential Obooma campaign and their repulsive Hitler Youth Rallies.
So, excerpt first:

"...Health Care Now favors single payer.
Health Care for America Now does not.
Health Care for America Now is supported by the big unions and has a budget of $40 million to $80 million.
Health Care Now – the single payer group – also has union support, but nowhere near the funding of Health Care for America Now.
“Health Care for America Now launched about a year ago with a set of principles calling for quality, affordable health care – something that the single payer movement has called for,” says Katie Robbins of Health Care Now. “They claim that Americans want the choice between a private health insurance and a public insurance option.”
“Single payer advocates call that a false choice,” Robbins says. “What we really want is a choice between doctors and hospitals that guarantee that we can get needed care. We don’t want a choice between what insurance plans we want.”
But Health Care for America Now has dominated the media.
“It’s a coalition of unions that is backed with a great deal of money,” Robbins says. “I’ve heard 40 to 80 million dollars. They have paid organizers across the country to push these positions..."

Excerpt from:

Much more available on the above website, including a statement by Ralph Nader.

Next, as an exercise, CONTRAST, COMPARE the above from the Greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation on the planet, to just one AMONGST MANY OTHER places on the globe, namely, Greece, as an example, below:

In contrast, comparison, the passivity and collaboration represented by United Suckers and Assholes doormat nation is enough to make ME and ANY other normal, sane person dumbfounded, incredulous and sick.
It/they, their actions or inaction's, are so despicable it defies MY capacities for description, led by the human trash can at the top of the garbage heap, called Obooma, our bought and purchased House slave boy and Fascist nigger.
I cannot tolerate listening to or seeing NAZI slave boy Obooma.
His very existence is nauseating.
As I have said previously, foreign policy merely is an extension, continuum and reflection of domestic ones.
One can extrapolate.
Health care insurance is hardly the only domestic issue.
But, it is singularly significant and contains the ESSENCE of all others.
For example, I get daily reports, complaints from those working "in the field" about the total, obscene, unmitigated, cynical hypocrisy, union collaboration and capitulation surrounding everything coming out of national leadership regarding so-called education reform, which is really designed to destroy public education and enhance privatization, instead.
ALL cynical, hypocritical NAZI Obooma Dictatorship's policies are about enhancing PRIVATIZATION, NOT the other way around, rhetoric to the contrary.
United Suckers and Assholes citizens are the world's most obscene, abnormal, DOORMAT, ZOMBIE, hypnotized, mesmerized, ignorant, pacified, commercialized, including their latest, hyped diversionary, commercialized superstar tragedy, Michael Jackson.
The most modern, updated, electronic engineered version of Roman Bread and Circuses.

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