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First, the 3 stooges.
I previously linked to 2 photo journalism essays from John Helmer's website.
So, I thought, this time, I would introduce photo commentary from a different source regarding Italy's present G8 meeting.
And, here it is, below.
As the ubiquitous expression goes, "one picture is worth a thousand words."
It really does not get any better than the following.


Meanwhile, back in the heart of United Assholes and Suckers territory, our commercialized national media has a macabre, steady, mind numbing, dumbed down drumbeat of spoon fed, degenerate, electronic Roman Bread (or Junk Food) and Circuses entertainment, managing, somehow, to parasitically suck the life blood out of an already dead, pathetic, pathological, dysfunctional corpse, cadaver, Michael Jackson, a good symbol of the state of the country AND THE WORLD, as the global pieces of WWIII (World War 3) fall stealthily into place.

The following warning, advisory or statement about Africacom is a very nice one, especially in reference to Nkrumah, with whom I couldn't agree more EXCEPT for the fact that ALL the people he calls, implores, names for help, assistance in the US are counterrevolutionary, covert and overt CIA, mafia and/or drug related front groups and/or operatives, agents, especially the Nation of Islam or, as I call them, the Nation of Hate, Stupidity, Ignorance and Farrakhan, who helped assassinate Malcolm X. ALL part and parcel to the sleazy Chicago mob machinery supporting NAZI PR slave boy Obooma's rise.

If the writer below does NOT understand this, then, I do not know which world he inhabits and what more to say/add.
He is wasting his and all our precious time.

"Free Market CIA-AFRICOM Warning to US Government":

Likewise, more repulsive fiction, fabrication, historical revision and propaganda emanates out of the mouths of the European continent's NAZIS, lying in wait to set the stage for a third, fourth or umpteenth number of repeat performances of HOT wars on the same continent:

And, along those lines, above, a nice, little synopsis expressing well the continental divide and tectonic fault lines represented by Nabucco versus Gazprom:

Following along Russian lines, the REAL reason surrounding our current NAZI White House slave boy's recent jaunt. The sentence excerpted below should be reconfigured to read, the entourage "with whom Obooma is travelling..." since Obooma is THEIR servant, slave, hired help. Obooma serves AT THEIR BEHEST, not the other way around. Excerpt first, link follows:

"...In addition to Boeing, John Deere, and Pepsi, executives from US oil majors ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and aluminium major Alcoa are travelling with Obama..."

The above added together sounds to me like good old fashioned Imperial European lineups, alliances, contradictions, a la WWI, extending, of course, throughout the globe to Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and everywhere else.

This time around, however, the US will NOT have the luxury of being an ancillary, auxiliary, supportive, secondary, background player on the world scene, but, instead, IN THE MIDDLE, THE THICK OF IT all and the US continent will NOT be spared.

And, of course, added to the above recipe, mix, is the Middle East ticking time bomb, BIG BANG, courtesy of the incendiary, intractable conflicts I have enumerated repeatedly on this blog surrounding the KRG, Erbil, versus NAZI Iran/Iraq's Baghdad Oil Minister, Kirkuk status, oil revenue distributions, energy contracts, torture chambers, killings, assassinations, bombings, murder, executions, mayhem and death Incorporated.

Under such circumstances, it is logical to expect, at least, I do, as a, or, the, only way out, overt or covert support for a nominally labelled Arab Opposition and Resistance, not to privatization, but, to offset, counteract, retard, balance, mitigate, control and/or overthrow the above two competing and conflicting factions. Perhaps, it will be Allawi's circle, again.

Additionally, I am WAITING for Turkey's military, in conjunction with other domestic Turkish opposition forces, to make history by overturning the regional applecart completely and THROWING OUT THEIR FASCIST, REACTIONARY, PSEUDO ISLAMIC, PRIVATIZING AKP!!

So, what is to be done, here?


Choices are made ALL the time. Choices are many. Multiple. Manifold. Individuals make choices every day. And, consequences flow from them.

But, each and every time opportunity and choice presents itself HERE COLLECTIVELY to extricate from or diminish dependence upon our debased, debauched, anachronistic, atavistic, barbaric, primitive, prehistoric, obscene, decadent, regressive, pathological PRIVATE economic system, it is NOT TAKEN, sabotaged, by our retrograde, collaborative, collusive, anti-Communist, mafia led and installed labor unions and fake, ersatz, state, private, foundation and corporate manufactured and funded "dissident" Left/Opposition and false dichotomy.

For example, on the issue of single payer health care. The latest hypocrisy from our NAZI Democrats noted below. But, where is our militant, UNIFIED, union led labor opposition?:

And its corollary, an expanded, ever greater, more comprehensive public pension system and divestment out of and away from private corporations.

Both paths, above, lead to substantial independence, emancipation and leverage from our present sad state of domestic affairs and our anachronistic private pension and health care system.

"Two roads diverged in a yellow woods and THEY, above, chose the one MOST WELL trodden or travelled," to paraphrase and juxtapose some famous lines in Robert Frost's poem:

NO across the board, militant united class front or action exists on any of the above. THIS fact, this reality, NOT confronted.

So, each and every opportunity and day passively passes by in which everybody digs themselves and others "deeper and deeper into debt" and into an existential economic dependency hole, quagmire and crisis of their own making from which "no exit" exists except that of an ultimately explosive, implosive one, riots, anarchy, dislocation, collapse, war, upheaval and revolution, the same logical exigencies as their ME, Eurasian clones, counterparts, above.

A cul-de-sac.

To use a hackneyed adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Confrontation deferred leads to further, larger, grander, bigger confrontations, explosions, implosions down the road.

A simple principle applies from all the above to US taxpayer gifts, subsidies, loans, giveaways to PRIVATE financial firms and corporations.


If it walks and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

NAZI spokesperson and propagandist Grover Norquist said he wanted to shrink the public sector to a size that can be drowned down a bathtub drain.

I answer NAZI operative Grover Norquist with the OPPOSITE.

The NAZI private GLOBAL sector which has brought the planet two world wars, limitless exploitation, colonial expansion, imperialist contradictions, slavery, untoward death, destruction, artificially created starvation, destitution, homelessness, poverty, despair must SHRINK and be liquidated to a size which can be drowned down a bathtub drain and the not-for-profit public sector INCREASED correspondingly, instead.

Such a simple principle is much too easy for everyone to understand, although, certainly not to NAZI ideologue Grover Norquist.

And, here's a repetitive reminder of the above from a previous post. As you will notice, NOT ONE affirmative, positive position, demand, suggestion I offered below has come to pass, to fruition. NOT ONE. Instead, as forecast, ALL opposites apply:

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