Friday, July 24, 2009


I thought I would provide BELOW from C-Span for everyone and anyone's public attention, IF you are curious about it, "FYI" (For Your Information), an unedited, uncensored, unexpurgated video of Maliki's entire press conference at the misnomered US Institute of Peace, really, War, in Washington, DC.

It is so nauseating, sickening and reprehensible to me to watch Maliki's performance go UNCHALLENGED amidst this audience of repulsive, Fascist panderers and the credibility they give to this piece of utter, obscene human NAZI garbage, shit, mass murderer and torturer by our official US press corp and other "notables." Of course, all together are of one and the same ilk. Birds of a feather flock together.

And, speaking of birds flocking together, additionally, WHERE ARE ALL OUR HYPOCRITICAL DEMONSTRATORS? The HIRED, ersatz Left, who CONSTANTLY, CHRONICALLY bemoan, wail and come out at the drop of a hat to protest human rights abuse in Israel, the poor, suffering Gazans and/or Palestinians and other casus belli? By the way, just for all those many stupid assholes, above, here's just one EXAMPLE of hundreds about Iraq. Tell me HOW it SUBSTANTIALLY differs from Israel, Palestine, the West Bank, Gaza, including, of course, most significantly, the many competing, private financial interests behind and profiting from it all:

"Iraqi Christians Dig Moat To Protect Town From Car and Suicide Bombings":\2009-07-22\kurd.htm

HENCE, WHERE ARE THEY ALL WHEN THE MOST LEADING REPRESENTATIVE OF OUR MODERN DAY NAZI QUISLING IRAN/IRAQ/US government comes to town? Answer, predictably, of course, conspicuously absent, missing in action. Their corporate paymasters do NOT want ANY negative or contradictory publicity HIGHLIGHTING the subterfuge surrounding Humpty Dumpty Iraq and its explosive role in a much greater, wider counter revolutionary Middle East privatization mission, from combined United Suckers and Assholes trillion dollar taxpayer military budgets and hardware to private corporate, financial, gifts, giveaways, boondoggles, swindles, debt and subsidies.

And, now, the Maliki, C-Span link:

But, I will not end here, with the above. I will NOT let the world off the hook. Generally, for obvious and good reasons, I lament, document the Greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation on planet Earth and their role.

But, please, let us NOT forget how the world and United Suckers and Assholes, in particular, got to the place in which we now all find ourselves. Let's NOT forget ALL who helped, contributed, enabled, enhanced, participated AND CONTINUE TO DO SO to bring about our current global disaster and predicament.

It takes a global village to......bring about the DEMISE OF THE SOVIET UNION and approximately, more or less, 7,000 or 9,000 STATE factories, industries, resources, assets in Eastern Europe dismantled, liquidated, sold and PRIVATIZED!!

And, that AFTER 60 million and UPWARDS more dead, disabled, sacrificed, martyred, exiled, executed, displaced who FOUGHT against or were victims of global COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY Corporate sponsored Fascism and Nazism in WWII.

Indeed, such an astounding feat makes United Suckers and Assholes in comparison look like paltry chicken feed, chopped liver. After all, United Suckers and Assholes NEVER even got anywhere near approaching such astronomical, dizzy historical heights and zenith. That represents THE world's GREATEST counter-revolution and disaster in all humanity and civilization, so far. There's nothing else even remotely approaching it. And, events have followed ever since.

Consequently, NO justice, NO peace, NO progress, NO civilization is possible from the primitive, anachronistic, barbaric, inexorable insane logic and exigencies necessitated by our present irrational, PRIVATELY owned, competitive economic system of production, distribution and natural resource, market based, profit generating economy under which we ALL presently live in varying degrees.

While our Fascist State hypocritically sends people to jail who, in comparison, commit negligible, paltry crimes, those who have and continue perpetrating MASS murder, robbery, theft, general and overall mayhem, death and destruction on a GRAND, HISTORIC, GLOBAL SCALE FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF GREED REMAIN in power and are rewarded. This MUST change. Both they and their corporations MUST be DISMANTLED, liquidated, ONCE MORE, once and for all, permanently, for ever.


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