Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The US sponsored Nabucco Gas Pipeline project was just inked or reaffirmed between Turkey, Iraq and EU countries.
Hamid Jafar's octopus/empire, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil, will be a major Nabucco supplier.
Excerpt below, link follows:

"...The prime ministers of Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey ink the intergovernmental accord that marks a significant step forward in the Nabucco pipeline project. The signing ceremony was long delayed due to lack of gas supplies. Turkmenistan, Iraq, Egypt and Syria all pledge gas in what Turkish PM Erdo─čan welcomes as 'exciting news'..."
Excerpt from:


Presumably, Russia is frozen out. Not really.
Again, Helmer does a nice job exposing diversionary propaganda:


PRESENT day Iran,however, is OUT. Excluded.
A possible recent US-Russian agreement was reached involving collaboration, cooperation regarding Iran regime change, mopping up, congruency, Afghan transit, Iraq and Lukoil and Nabucco, above.

The above article does NOT mention that Baghdad's present Iranian oil minister OPPOSES, does NOT recognize, support, KRG authority, the Dana Gas Nabucco deal, Kirkuk, or any others, for that matter.

The intractable conflict and contradictions represented by present day Iran in Baghdad and KRG interests, above, are the nub, the heart of the present Middle East escalation and upcoming regional explosion.
So, for example, the following:

"Israeli Warships Make Rare Suez Crossing: Port Source":


By the way, when referring to a Middle East Big Bang upcoming explosion, I am NOT referring to the territorial space of Iran, proper, but, instead, the geography of Humpty Dumpty Iraq, in which multiple occupation forces now exist, the KRG Peshmerga forces, Iranian militias and US military forces, all going NOWHERE whatsoever.
On the contrary.
US military involvement will INTENSIFY SHORTLY as the above situation escalates since it is not a neatly contained one within the demarcation lines of what was former Iraq. Which is one of the reasons why so many military forces are aligned everywhere, encompassing Turkey and Israel. Spillover, as occured in the Vietnam, Southeast Asia war/s.

Added to the above incendiary equation, mix, the following regarding Iraq's oil workers:

"Iraq's Weakened Unions Fight Foreign Oil Firms."

HOWEVER, before reading the following/above article/headline, keep in mind two preceding historical developments.

First, immediately after US occupation and invasion, Iraq's former, large, umbrella labor organization was DISMANTLED, its assets frozen, seized, liquidated, distributed. That initial Iraqi umbrella labor organization, whose name I cannot recall off the top of my head at the moment, was, additionally, affiliated to/with the Communist led, global, WFTU, World Federation of Trade Unions.

Instead, Iraqi unions now, as their US counterparts, have become fragmented and affiliated with/to Western labor organizations and their respective, global, anti-Communist led, ILO, International Labor Organization, which, by the way, has planned EXPANSION.

Second, flowing from and helping to implement the above policies, Munir Chalabi, at the time, is/was British and US representative, spokesperson, liaison, link between Iraq's NEWLY formed "independent" labor unions and the supposed British, US anti-war movement and labor opposition. I do not know IF that relationship continues. For related reasons above, Iraq's former labor delegation and visit in the US and Britain was WIDELY opposed and exposed.
So, current article about Iraq's predictably "weakened" trade unions, below:


And, related to the above subject, trade unions and anti-Communism, the following two items from JBANC regarding Stalin and Hitler. Again, recall, US Democratic putative "peace" candidate, Representative Dennis Kucinich, is/was a JBANC co-founder:


And, presently, our NAZI Obooma Administration:


And, finally, to juxtapose a few more items, responses, to the above.

First, a commentary from my favorite political pundit who seems to have returned to cyberspace from a momentary lapse:


And, then, a good representative of the kind of response that certainly does NOT happen in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship, for reasons mentioned above:
"French Auto Workers Threaten to Blow Up Factory":


In this captive nation of United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship, they would have to blow up or seize BOTH their factory AND their union offices to effect change.

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