Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Himmelstein, to his credit, below, labels "Oboomacare" and Prostitute Democratic Chairman and medical doctor, Howard Dean, peddling Oboomacare's BOGUS public option health care insurance proposal, BOTH as BIG LIES and LIARS.

In addition, NOT said below or elsewhere, any medical insurance plan or option suggesting State and/or local, as opposed to national funding, CAN AND WILL NOT HAPPEN.
The money does NOT exist on a state level NOR does it challenge, threaten, compete with Federal, National tax dollars presently going to PRIVATE SUBSIDIES from military to finance to energy and all other private corporations in between. That, too, is a BOGUS issue. A red herring.
A trial balloon and distraction.

As well, for those already familiar with it and those who are not, Medicare, the name of our universal, national, public, government run senior, elderly, retirement, not-for-profit health care insurance program, itself, is extremely basic and limited in what it covers and does NOT cover and competes with an already encroaching private insurance sector which offers ADDITIONAL coverage for a high price for everything NOT covered by Medicare, which is ALOT.
Thus, extending Medicare as a national, universal, single-payer, not-for-profit, government program to ALL, of necessity, would equalize and enhance the quality of our present for profit, private medical health care delivery system, which now is a totally UNEQUAL and a lopsided delivery system:

But, let's carry Himmelstein's depiction of Oboomacare, above, one step further.

NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's ENTIRE Dictatorship from its private financial bailouts to Iraq to all other military engagements and wars are ONE BIG LIE, intentionally helped, promoted, misrepresented and mischaracterized by our complicit corporate media, fake Left along with our other MAJOR complicit enabler, United Suckers and Assholes Fascist, anti-Communist, mafia led labor unions.

Meanwhile, Iraq's intractable upcoming confrontation and explosion between its KRG versus Iranian Baghdad Oil Minister intensifies and moves forward inexorably.
NAZI KRG REFUSES to acknowledge or relinquish authority to NAZI IRANIAN BAGHDAD oil minister NOT ONLY over their regional oil and gas contracts, Kirkuk, but, to Mosul as well, to which the KRG is now expanding its claim. Both are at each others throat. Both are in an expanded land grab, threatening everyone and regional stability.

Iraq's unions also involved.
However, Munir Chalabi WAS the West's Fascist liaison, advisor to Iraq's newly formed trade unions, so, I am a bit suspect about their role.
Iraq's unions presently serve to block NAZI Iranian Baghdad's oil minister, BUT, I have not seen, read or heard any comparable, equal objections to events in Kurdistan and their NAZI KRG.

And, US Prime Minister Hillary Clinton has managed to snuff out present NAZI Iranian/Ahmadimoron governments proposed gas pipeline agreement with India. It's a NO GO, along with Ahmadimoron and by extension Iraq's present Iranian Baghdad government.

Additionally, UAE based, Hamid Jafar's Crescent Oil (Dana Gas) octopus is suing the NIOC, National Iranian Oil Company while Turkey's piece of nauseating shit and garbage, their NAZI Islamic AKP government, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," continues battling their opposition and the Turkish military to maintain their present Dictatorship.

And, the above are just SOME of the many regional events and explosive contradictions about which United Suckers and Assholes citizens live in total ignorance, the consequences of which are systemic shock and political, economic, military, seismic earthquakes.

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