Monday, July 6, 2009


Just one more irresistible tidbit, photo essay, commentary, courtesy of John Helmer.
After sharing just this one further Helmer link I promise you no more.
You all know where to go for yourselves now:

And, now, for the one, two, left, right punch to the heart of the scurrilous NAZI power Establishment, HERE, well represented by Helmer's photo journalism, above.

First, from the nominally labelled, putative, "right," or, conservative side.
Sarah Palin now threatens to sue almost the entire major Establishment media here for defamation of character, lies, slander, innuendo, etc.
I am sure Palin will rapidly become MORE of a major folk hero and rallying point than she has become already.
Both she and hubby, to be more accurate.
Lots of moxie those two.

And, then, from the more or less so-called Left side, the Quixotic singlepayer health care insurance movement keeps jabbing, chipping, gnawing away like ants at the powers that be.
Here's another adorable confrontation:

And, remember, do not forget, sleazebag extraordinaire and mafioso bagman, former Illinois Democratic Governor Blagoyevich's trial has NOT even begun yet.
Another media feeding frenzy waiting to happen.
Naming names? Accusations galore??

So, like their NAZI Iranian Mullah partners, they, too, are FINISHED. They just do not realize it yet, all included.
They ALL live in the smug, insulated, rarified atmosphere of the "state" of denial and self-deception.
Like the last Russian Czar whose serfs implored their dear leader to help and then subsequently got mowed down indiscriminately on the palace steps.

While speaking of Russian Czars, I almost forgot. Our NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship is about to ask for YET MORE MONEY. Another so-called "stimulus" package "comin' around the corner when she comes," as goes the refrain of this popular folk song. So, let's see how the dear citizens, peons, serfs, wages slaves of our doormat nation react this time around.

And, finally, one more seemingly tangential subject in the news on which to end.

I, too, like many others, am very curious about Guantanamo Bay US Prison in Cuba because, amongst some of the "prisoners" they released, previously, were/are a few Chinese Uighurs/Uyghurs.

And, when I happened to catch some video of these people awhile back interviewed BRIEFLY on TV they looked liked fat stuffed pigs, hardly like prisoners who had undergone ANY torture, etc.

And, the reason I mention this now is because reports from present Chinese "rioting" involve Uighurs/Uyghurs:

ALL the above is very curious and mysterious to me, indeed, since the Uighur/Uyghur SEPARATIST movement has an office in Washington, DC!

And, here it is:

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