Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well, Helmer does not disappoint.

As NAZI US Dictatorship slave boy Obooma makes upcoming perfunctory noises and photo ops with his Russian counterpart, the other smirking NAZI chimp sitting at the top of Russia's Fascist garbage heap, Medvedev, Hillary and Biden work busily in the background quietly plying their trade, negotiating the necessary arrangements, bargains and agreements.

Helmer nicely documents one of them in the following trail of letters and exchanges between he and the Endeavor Group regarding Hillary, Endeavor, Rusal connections:

Meanwhile, undoubtedly, more bargains about Lukoil in Iraq in exchange for Russian cooperation regarding an end to the Iranian NAZI Mullah regime and their control, impasse in Iran/Iraq.

Assuredly, this is why Biden is in the Middle East at the moment.

A telltale sign was the lack of ANY interest, response in Iraq's recent oil bidding round by energy major multinationals.

So, regional arrangements being confirmed, consulted, consummated for the following eventuality:

"Israel Denies Saudis Gave IDF Airspace Clearance for Iran Strike":

Like I have said, just one too many regional contradictions and impediments surrounding Iraq/Iran necessitating regime change, congruency and mopping up to advance the goal of regional economic integration and privatization.
Of necessity, an already unstable internal and external contradictory situation, here, there, abroad, everywhere will intensify and escalate.
So, THEY are getting themselves prepared, ready, consulting one another, laying the groundwork.

And, what is it YOU ARE DOING to advance, protect YOUR own class interests here or anywhere?
The answer to the above in this greatest of all United Suckers and Assholes Doormat nation is DENIAL, NOTHING.
Class interests?? What class interests??
Whose class, which class??
The graduating class of 2009??
Plenty of class collaboration here.
Enough left over to export to the entire world, which we do.
So, enjoy your lovely big and little wars and mass, class suicide and calamity, much of which already occurs, helped along and facilitated by our nominal, official class representatives.
Much more bitter economic fruit to digest coming soon from those who provided it to you in the first place.
Contemplate, consider and ponder well the sources who brought and facilitated this disaster upon you when you are forced to swallow hard on those bitter economic pills.
Your answer to the above better be a correct one.

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