Monday, July 20, 2009


United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Dictatorship PRESIDENT, PRIME MINISTER, nominally, Secretary of State, HILLARY CLINTON presented a foreign policy speech the other day, July 15, 2009, at the powerful institutionalized think tank, CFR, Council on Foreign Relations.

Provided below is both transcript and video link of Clinton's CFR presentation.
For transcript of the question and answer period following Hillary's speech, click on to the upper right hand corner option AND/OR listen to the video link at top of the following page.

You can forget NAZI White House slave boy and empty headed, vacuous, petty CIA operative, PR front man, Obooma whose appeal equals approximately to 5th grade level here and abroad, I suppose.
And, Biden, of course, who periodically has a slip of the tongue and lets the cat out of the bag.

The reason I bother to post this.

Whatever else one says about Hillary Clinton, she is a very clever and intelligent ADVERSARY and representative of US policy, ruling class circles and her statement below is a direct CONTINUUM from the US 2006 Midterm s-elections and policy shift, coup about which I have written, previously.

Hillary is YOUR adversary.
And, your adversary is NOT stupid.
I invite you IF you can access the audio/video version of her speech, first, to LISTEN/WATCH and then refer back to the written transcript.

Contrast and compare her either to Mr. Knucklehead Obooma and/or Biden. Both Hillary and Obooma are lawyers. Which or who would you choose as legal representation in a courtroom trial?

And, then, I say, if you are not as clear thinking in defining YOUR goals, purposes, strategy, tactics and objectives as your adversary, represented by Clinton, below, then, you deserve that which you presently are receiving and, I assure you, lots more of the same to come:

I thought I would conclude on a special musical NOTE, a reminder, particularly for those in the Middle East, but, I feel, as well, a UNIVERSAL tribute and representative and antidote to Hillary and present events:

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