Monday, July 27, 2009


And, here we have it. Oops, sorry. I made a big mistake.
The following is NOT the world's Greatest United Suckers and Asshole nation on the planet. Wishful thinking on my part. Wrong country.
Oh, well, better luck next time.
So, instead, here's an inspirational reminder of what militant resistance looks like, of course, elsewhere, in South Korea:

In conjunction with the above, sing along now,
"where have all our SUPPORT/DEFEND THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF NORTH KOREA committees, actions gone, long time passing...?"
And/or, those of South Korea?
Missing in action, as usual.
Of course, South would happily join with North Korea were it not for our installed reactionary Fascist South Korean dictatorship.

On the subject of South/North Korea, above, an infinite universe of information exists from which I could choose and elaborate endlessly about South Korea's international investment and, obviously, what they hope to bring about in the North, as well.
But, I decided from this vast universe of possibilities to highlight just ONE article, below.


Because, once again, it demonstrates, encapsulates so clearly, so nicely,THE FUNDAMENTAL contradiction and explanation as to WHY NO organized, militant, unified, class opposition, resistance exists in this Greatest of all NAZI United Suckers and Assholes Dictatorship on the planet.

The explanation is NO mystery nor is it an international Israel/Zionist/Jewish "conspiracy."
Nor a Muslim/Arab/Islamic conspiracy.
Nor can it be characterized as any other religious, ethnic, sexual, geographic or exotic conspiracy, for that matter.

It is a straightforward matter of money, economic self-interest, investment, profitability, GREED, class collaboration, collusion, contradiction and betrayal, like Iraq and elsewhere on the globe.
EXCERPT, first, link follows below:

"....Calpers, the largest U.S. public pension manager, has $500 million invested in South Korea, including a $100 million investment with Lazard Asset Management Plc, Henry Jones, a board of administration member at the Sacramento, California-based fund, said on April 15 in Seoul..."

More nauseating details follow:
"Lone Star May Sell KEB (Korea Exchange Bank) to Calpers..."

And, THE ABOVE explanation extends to United Suckers and Assholes universal, national, single-payer health/medical care insurance struggle, with umpteen number more examples like the following:

The explanations are, alas, NO mystery. "The fault, dear Brutus, lies not [outside] in our stars, but, within." Much too clear and simple an explanation for everyone's comfort or discomfort. Much better and easier to mystify, deny, obfuscate, justify, complicate, pontificate, rationalize, distract, deflect, complain, moan, groan, wail, theorize, excuse and divert attention away from and towards someone or something else. Otherwise, one might have to confront ugly, inconvenient, unpleasant truths, morality, reality and DO something about it!!

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