Thursday, July 30, 2009


First, EXTENSIVE reports about South Korea's labor showdown.
Here are but two out of many different sources regarding the same event, with more available elsewhere:

And, extensive photos:

Related to the upcoming Iraq showdown between the KRG/Erbil versus Iran/Baghdad, mopping up, regime change and congruency, Israeli Defence Forces and military escalation occuring on the Lebanese border:

As a future EU protection force also is being assembled to guard the Nabucco pipeline:

And, Iran's Khodro, where strikes occured recently, supposedly, presumably, a victory, is about to receive a billion dollar subsidy, loan. EXCERPT first, link follows. THEN I will show why this item is of particular interest to me. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...Iran Khodro Company (IKCO), the largest automaker in the Middle East will receive a government bailout of $1 billion. According to IKCO’s deputy director, Jamshi Imani, half of the aid will be available “within days. The rest will be made available after the sale of Iran Khodro’s shares through Parsian Bank...”
Above excerpt from:

And, NOW, a little background reminder from my previous 2007 post regarding IRAN'S PARSIAN, TURKEY'S AKBANK AND CITIGROUP:

Of course, Germany, France, and others partnered at Khodro also:

So, basically, folks, you ALL suck.

Eat it!

Oh, yes, lest I forget. As far as international solidarity goes, our Single-Payer advocates could also use some help.

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