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The following, below, is prime example of the Greatest United Suckers and Assholes repulsive, abhorrent, disgusting, nauseating, sickening LABOR, UNION CLASS BETRAYAL, hypocrisy, cynicism, prostitution, collaboration, wholesale sellout, everything about which I write for everyone to see and witness below:

"Rallying for "Medicare for All," Union Activists Shift Focus to States."

And, here is an EXCERPT, link below, the KEY statement you might well miss in their totally disingenuous, misleading rhetoric:

“The life has been sucked out of the ‘public option,’ so if there’s going to be change it’ll have to be at the state level,” said Michael Carano, a Teamsters Local 348 member and Ohio single-payer activist.

This is the kind of bogus, diversionary, divisive tactics, shit, garbage that we deal with here ALL the time ABOUT EVERYTHING.

The very thing condemned, exposed, rejected both at our Single Payer Action website and by myself:

This represents our fake, phony, official, Fascist collaborative organized class representatives, our labor unions and their equally fake, ersatz Left front clones at their very best, the ones who ASSIST privatization and counter-revolution GLOBALLY under guise of Opposition.

THIS is THEIR PATTERN of disinformation, behaviour, modus operandi.
I sincerely, and, I do mean, sincerely, hope ALL their children go off to war and get killed.
The more of them who get killed, the better for the world.
I said previously I would personally lobby for anything resembling a national, universal draft, an equally bogus "national service" act.
I will send them all to fight and die with garlands of flowers.
These people are below human. They STINK. They SMELL.
They ROT to their very core, being and essence.
I REALLY hope they lose EVERYTHING.
Their homes, the shirts off their backs, their jobs, their money, their health care, their pensions.
And, that may well come to pass.

Let them become homeless and live on the streets, like SO many other of their "fellow countrymen" for whom they could care less about:

And, while speaking of disingenuous, smelling, stinking, rotten to the core, much more to be said about NAZI Iran and it/their related privatization:

"Iran's National Petrochemical Company (NPC) plans to get totally privatized..."
From the following:

And, the following is from June, 2009, regarding Iranian privatization:

The following regards PPL, Pakistan Petroleum Limited, privatization.
You SHOULD read all of the background information provided in the link following, but, here's an EXCERPT, first, a paragraph, which happens to mention a major US investment firm, Merrill Lynch, as a key player in this process:

"....A consortium led by Merrill Lynch International and KASB securities (Pvt) Limited have been appointed by the Privatization Commission (PC) as the Financial Advisor (FA) for the strategic sale of GoP's 51 % interest in the company. Five (5) parties were prequalified as potential bidders for the transaction. The Government of Pakistan continues to pursue the privatization process through sale of its majority interest in the Company to a strategic investor and remains committed to proceed with the transaction with a view to concluding the process at an early date..."

Above excerpt from:

So, now you know, if you did not already, for what/which reasons, why and for whom everybody is fighting.

Morgan Stanley, First Persia Fund, Bank Melli, Parsian Bank/Akbank/Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Exxon, Russia's privatized corporations and oligarchs, Gazprom, Lukoil, present Iranian control of Iraq's Baghdad Oil Ministry versus the Erbil, KRG gang, Iran Khodro, Pakistan privatization, the UAE, Arab Switzerland of the Gulf, Israel's Nochi Dankner, Egypt's EFG Hermes, Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas empire and Abraaj, Royal Dutch Shell, Conoco Phillips and so on.

Those are some of the many highlights, above.
And, ALL MUST be REVERSED, smashed, diminished, seized, liquidated and thrown to the wind.

Now, anyone reading this post either themselves or who has friends, relatives, associates, neighbors, acquaintances with a PRIVATE PENSION, find out WHERE, WHICH COMPANIES your/their/his/her pension monies are invested.
If you or they own even one share, you will receive a prospectus or shareholder update itemizing the above.
More than likely, your/their monies are invested into all, some, many, most of the above major multinational corporations.
IF it is a "mutual fund," the mutual fund, in turn, invests into the above and the information, once again, is publicly available from the mutual fund.
In each country, prominent corporate names overlap, generally, in every investment fund along with a few smaller, perhaps, local, less well known companies.
But, the MAJORS are represented just about everywhere.

You can easily look at the prospectus for ANY large, institutional investment fund and compare the prominence of these overlapping names. Oftentimes, Directors and major shareholders, as well.
To the extent you/they are invested in any/all of the above is the extent to which you/they are exposed, DEPENDENT, MORTGAGED upon the success, or, lack thereof, of their bloodsoaked overseas privatization adventures, expansion and profits.

You/they are their SILENT PARTNERS, like it or not.

Unless and until this equation, applecart is overturned, reversed and PRIVATE corporations are LIQUIDATED, DIMINISHED, their assets seized, divested and nationalized, these competitive contradictions and wars for market share, profit, control, expansion, monopoly ownership will simply amplify and perpetuate themselves.

NO other explanation exists for the incongruous absurdity of US mercenary troops situated in various and sundry exotic locations AROUND THE GLOBE, such as the deserts of the Middle East and the mountains of Afghanistan.

ABOVE is the ONLY reason why.

Lastly, as a concrete EXAMPLE, illustration of the above, a friend gave me a Shareholder Report, May, 2009, from a relatively popular, commonplace mutual investment fund in the US, Fidelity Equity-Income II.
So, I thought I would utilize it to demonstrate my point.
Remember, I simply chose the above one as a handy ILLUSTRATION of a common PATTERN.
I intentionally did NOT select this because it is special. Just the opposite.

So, here's a thumbnail breakdown.
I lumped together two or three separate subheadings because they ALL relate to Financial.
So, Financial or Financial related: Approximately 35%
Again, I lumped together a few subheadings because they ALL related to Energy.
So, Energy: Approximately 30%
And, Health Care/Medical/Pharmaceuticals. Once again, I lumped together related categories.
So, Health Care/Medical/Drugs,Pharma: Approximately 15%

The above 3 major categories, alone, equal roughly 80%!!

I will not itemize the remaining appxly 20%. Altho, I should note here that major Military Contractors, Corporations, also overlap categorized under various subheadings.
They simply are not specified Military, as such.

UNDER the 3 major headings/categories, above, prominent corporate names are immediately recognizable by most everybody.

Finally, ending on an anecdotal note.

Sometimes, occasionally, when the opportunity presents itself, I confront, mention, point out to anyone here WHERE their pension monies are invested, the underlying contradictions and risks, never mind morality, and I ask them WHAT they plan to do about it.

I am met either with blank stares, apoplectic expressions, shrug of the shoulders and/or lame excuses, apologies and rationalizations for apathy to the effect:

"Well, that's the way it is. That's life. What can you/one/I do about it?
I have no control over my union, investments. I just pay my dues. Go to work. Etc."
So, I respond to them and to anyone and everyone else:
"WHOSE money is it, anyway? WHO worked for it? WHOSE union is it?
WHOSE pension fund? WHY have you relinquished control OVER YOUR OWN MONEY AND LIFE?"

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