Friday, August 14, 2009


To paraphrase a famous phrase from a now defunct late night TV announcer introducing his program host...
"And, here's Johnny..."

So, folks, I present to you...
"Here is United Suckers and Asshole Opposition..." all gathered schmoozing happily together at their current Netroots Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ironically, same venue for the upcoming, September, 2009, international G20 Conference.
Please note carefully (link following this one below) ALL union sponsorship attending this Netroots gathering.
THAT is the primary reason I bothered to link to this atrocious piece of garbage, this insult to my intelligence and humanity, which, by the way, is broadcast live in its entirety by C-Span, if you are so inclined:

Personally I cannot stomach either looking at or hearing ANY of the wretched refuse of the earth gathered in this hotel, our nauseating, sickening, hypocritical, cynical, subhuman, moralistic, smug, self-righteous, sanctimonious, fake liberal, progressive, Vichy Democrats, Fascist apologists, enablers and collaborators ALL:

So, yes, an adhoc coalition supporting Single Payer Health Care exists.
And, the California Nurses Association supports Single Payer.
And, activities happen around Single Payer, lobbying, etc., as you can follow from the coalition website to which I link frequently:

What do you NOT see? Who/what is missing? What does and will NOT happen?
NO MILITANT, UNIFIED, LABOR, CLASS ACTION to demand Single Payer Health Care.

There will not even be, FOR EXAMPLE, a ONE HOUR, NATIONAL work stoppage, strike, demonstration, protest, militant labor action of any kind or sort whatsoever to support, demand, SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE.
Because, our ersatz labor unions, nominal class representatives, above, are SEATED ON THE OTHER SIDE of the table, at their Netroots Conference with their Democratic whores, pimps, prostitutes.

Indeed, in just about every matter, from private pension fund investment, health care, Iraq, Iran, privatization, imperial war, corporate taxpayer subsidies, debt, Afghanistan, etc., etc., they are united together in conjugal marriage. And, I do emphasize conjugal.

So, NO local union will go out on a limb and call a one hour work stoppage, strike, or any other militant action ON THEIR OWN, ALONE, for Single Payer Health Care, because, that would lead them into a direct policy confrontation with their collaborative, corrupt, mafia AFL-CIO(A) and SEIU, national, parent umbrella organization, to which they belong and an outright power struggle, challenge, isolation and split.

That is ALSO why you will and do NOT see them, unlike their flip side NAZI orchestrated, reactionary cohorts, PACKING, protesting, demonstrating outside and inside at various, local, town hall health care meetings.
It is because they, instead, are INSIDE SUPPORTING the bogus, Democratic health care plan.

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