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The following first is an excerpt from an article by Ralph Nader then link below.
MY emphasis in BOLD.

THIS represents the sort of breakthrough, confrontation, challenge necessary to upset the present power relationship in any meaningful way in United Suckers and Assholes nation, along with individuals like Sal Rosselli and others.
Reminder, it is a beginning, not an end.

And, remember, AFL-CIO below should read, AFL-CIA, along with their foreign associates and anti-Communist, reactionary, collaborative ILO (International Labor Organization):

"...There is reliable word that the AFL-CIO will endorse whatever Obama approves, with the exceptions of the California Nurses Association and the Sheet Metal Workers’ union. The latter, through their president, Michael J. Sullivan, announced in late July that it was suspending all future campaign contributions to any candidate for Congress or the Presidency..."

End of excerpt, link below:

HOWEVER, for all the good news above, and, there is more, here is where problems continue.

The following link is all well and fine regarding Single Payer advocacy, a Whole Foods chain supermarket boycott, publicity generated by it, as an organizing tool, etc.

But, it requires careful and ATTENTIVE reading.

CTW Investment Group, demanding Whole Foods supermarket, CEO Mackey's resignation, REPRESENTS A LABOR INVESTMENT ARM, particularly, ANDY STERN'S SEIU GANG, "CHANGE TO WIN" AND OBOOMA PARTNER.

But, they, CTW/SEIU support OBOOMA's bogus medical health insurance public option, antithetical to Single Payer Medical Insurance.
They are the people sitting AT THE TABLE with Obooma, at Netroots Nation, to which I have linked, previously.
They are part of the problem, not the solution.

They are an impediment.
Whole Foods supermarket chain store CEO, Mackey, wrote a WSJ (Wall St. Journal) editorial asserting universal health care is NOT a right, which is why CTW/SEIU claims they are so upset, demanding Mackey's resignation.

But, so-called "universal health care" IS a PART of Obooma's FOR PROFIT "reform" bill, with it's bogus public option and SUBSIDIES for PRIVATE INSURANCE CORPORATIONS.

The question is NOT extension of our current, for-profit, private, US health care insurance industry with even more, FURTHER tax subsidies under the Obooma bill, but, instead, UNIVERSAL, NOT FOR PROFIT, SINGLE PAYER, HEALTH CARE INSURANCE.

The two so-called universal proposals are DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITES.
So, here's the link to which I refer, above:

The following pertinent EXCERPT, link below, highlights the CTW Investment Group connection to/with the Andy Stern led SEIU, Change to Win, criminal labor gangsters:

"...The CtW Investment Group works with pension funds sponsored by unions
affiliated with Change to Win, a coalition of unions representing six million
members. These funds are substantial long term BAC shareholders. We outline our analysis below...."


The issue is NOT the opportunistic one raised above by our criminal labor FRONT organization, the Andy Stern led, SEIU, "Change to Win" mafia organization, regarding objection to CERTAIN astronomical corporate salaries AFTER THE FACT, but, the trillion dollar taxpayer subsidies, bailouts, gifts, giveaways, boondoggle enabling their profitable perpetuation, public debt AND labor union support and pension fund investment in these private corporations IN THE FIRST PLACE.

There is no point complaining about letting out the cows once you have left the barn door intentionally wide open.
And, for alittle more illustrative information related to this and other matters from another part of the world, more updates and links to Iceland's ongoing privatization battle, saga:

The answer to the questions posed above lies in BUILDING a broad based, united, MILITANT FRONT, organization, led by or with labor, a principled program and any and all tactics, actions, means, strategies towards achieving these objectives, goals, i.e., resistance, strikes, occupations, civil disobedience, sit ins, sit downs, industrial seizures, INCLUDING military and police defection, support, to DEFEND industries and resources which already have been nationalized and expand nationalize of those which are now privatized.

AND to LIQUIDATE and CRIMINALLY PROSECUTE those corporations and individuals NOW receiving public taxpayer assistance, gifts, giveaways, bonanzas, subsidies and created public debt, in countries such as, but, not limited to, United Suckers and Assholes which ENABLE the process above to EXPAND elsewhere on the globe.

To NOT recognize ANY OF THESE CRIMINAL GOVERNMENTS OR THEIR CREATED GLOBAL PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS SUCH AS THE IMF/WORLD BANK AS LEGITIMATE and to demand, prevent, boycott, quarantine ANY further private investments, ownership in ANY countries whatsoever, which, of course, most certainly includes Iraq, Iran, etc.

Actually, the ONLY place that comes to mind off the top of my head, at the moment, NOT included in the above processes is North Korea and Cuba.

And, finally, to conclude, one more reminder, EXAMPLE:

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