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Today's post was precipitated by a question or reminder from a friend the other day.
So, I decided to return to the subject and highlight it.
It is not new, as you will see, but, certainly, timely.
Very much a part of our present day historical continuum.
The question boils down to the following:
Is/was secretive US Pentagon Plans Officer Fritz Kraemer, mentor of Kissinger, Haig and other notables named below, as you will see, one and the SAME person as NAZI German General Fritz Kraemer?

This question was brought to my attention first by independent, ad hoc, researcher extraordinaire (before the age of internet) Mae Brussell, who, along with Kraemer, since died.

Following is a transcript related to this matter from one of Mae's roughly 650 or more hourly programs, entitled World Watchers International, a weekly, taped, broadcast aired on a SMALL, independent, non-commercial, local radio station, KAZU, Carmel, California for over 17 years, until her death.

I do not want to sidetrack into the complicated web of information that Mae followed all those years at the moment. It just would be too difficult to explain for the uninitiated and only serve as a distraction. You will clearly get an idea anyway from the context of the following transcript.

But, again, for this purpose only, simply focus on the discussion around Kraemer in the transcript below.

And, then, I will provide further substantiating links on this matter afterwards.
So, in the following, roughly, half, mid way down, beginning with the following sentence to the end:

"....Now who is this Fritz Kraemer? Why do I keep talking about Fritz Kraemer? I'm going to run through a few questions and points about Fritz Kraemer that some of you remember and have, but I owe it to the new listeners to understand [some things] about Fritz Kraemer...."

Again, beginning with the above sentence, roughly midway, follow the text through to the end:

And, now, here are a few more sample links to help substantiate Kraemer's significance, his avowed connections to some very powerful people, the "coincidences" and secretiveness Mae noticed:,+plans+officer,+pentagon&source=bl&ots=pMaL5AlUpA&sig=I7cNINC2Sz214Sn8Q42eIdgYPYY&hl=en&ei=aqB7Sq_nGYWMtge6kKDoAQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=5#v=onepage&q=fritz%20kraemer%2C%20plans%20officer%2C%20pentagon&f=false

And more, much more. First:

And, following from the above, it is important to peruse the subheadings related to Hubertus Hoffman's background, biography, articles, investments, associations, etc.:

So, to return.
Mae's initial question about the curious coincidences of identity surrounding German NAZI General and US Pentagon Plans Officer Fritz Kraemer has YET to be answered satisfactorily.
As they say above, one questionable early photo of a very young Kraemer subsequently was produced regarding a person who never appeared publicly, was not photographed, etc., yet, held the substantial and significant role and power ascribed to him above. Odd. Very strange. Wouldn't you agree?
It would certainly have been very easy, simple enough to DISprove Mae's hypothesis by simply producing Fritz Kraemer for a public interview. Never happened. Always second or third hand reports and one photo supplied.

So, additionally, this post commemorates, honors, pays homage, remembers, highlights Mae's courageous, outstanding, inspirational and singular, dogged years of determined, indefatigable, persevering, unpaid investigative journalism and scholarly research.
Mae did not get everything correct.
But, alot. Enough.
Unfortunately, the organization and presentation of her material was and still is somewhat convoluted and difficult to follow.
She only wrote a few articles, alas.
Nonetheless, she was the ONLY person at the time in the US or abroad actually documenting and following in real time the interconnections of a burgeoning US NAZI state.
If you want more material or to hear some of her many tapes, go to the website above, from which I pulled the transcript.
The article I recommend, her best and most well known is:
"The Nazi Connection to the JFK Assassination."
It is listed under the category "Articles" at the above website homepage.

So,to end on a humorous note.
An upcoming event of comedy, irony and sarcasm flowing directly from the above subject matter.
As a response, you can either laugh or cry.

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