Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The following link below concerns organized, staged, Fascist, mob, gang, fights, battles at US town hall health care meetings. It misses one other important commonality, analogy.
Iran's Fascist internal power struggle and Baghdad's NAZI IRAN Oil Minister and militas reflected in Iraq/Iran competitive rivalries.

These double, triple, quadruple Fascist mob groupings, thugs, are coequals.
The differences are a matter of degree and style, but, not substance.

In BOTH, ALL cases, the REAL, underlying issues, such as that represented in the US by universal, national, Not-for-Profit, Single Payer Medical Insurance and Iran's occupation of Iraq and its subsequent privatization are OFF THE TABLE.

Not for discussion. Not mentioned. Not factors and NOT organizing principles:


However, BOTH schisms, and elsewhere, open the door for more PRINCIPLED clarification of class confrontation, organization, opposition, resistance and UNITY around privatization versus nationalization, revealing the inherently fundamental weaknesses, fissures, flaws and contradictions in our present anachronistic, debased and debauched economic system and its state power structure.

Here, in United Suckers and Assholes territory, our manufactured Right hand is called upon to rescue and upstage our manufactured, FAILING ersatz Left hand Democratic NAZI Dictatorship, thereby, deflecting away from the common denominator and MAIN issue, universal, single payer health care.
In so doing, the Right actually HELPS our single payer cause.
They both begin rapidly losing any semblence of substantive difference, credibility, legitimacy, cancelling, negating each other and revealing the irrationality, illogic, inconsistencies, trivialities of their supposed, but, false, antithetical solutions as the flip, reverse side of the same coin.

Even the Business Channel is more forthright, asking why do we not OVERTLY discuss national, universal single-payer as opposed to the bogus, Byzantine labyrinth, maze of the Democratic proposed health care bill, which basically assures NO single payer, but, instead, further tax subsidization for PRIVATE insurance companies.
Thus the orchestrated Kabuki Theatre medical insurance town hall meeting distraction, fights, above.

Sandwiched between the manufactured, false, bankrupt dichotomies and NOT represented by media coverage is everyone else and the solution of national, universal, single-payer health care.
THE bogey man.

Only one thing is missing here and elsewhere.
Institutional,organized class representatives to seize power, seize the moment, seize the opportunity, seize the initiative because HERE United Suckers and Assholes institutionalized labor representatives, our SEIU Andy Stern led gang and AFL-CIO (CIA) and their ersatz Left Foundation and State Dept clones are part and parcel of our Fascist, crypto-Nazi Democratic Dictatorship, i.e, an intrinsic ingredient represented in the false, stylized, fashioned dichotomy of Kabuki Theatre politics.

Thus, our official class representatives represent NO opposition where they should be the LEADING voice. A political vacuum. But, our audacious, spontaneous, ad-hoc, Single-Payer coalition advocates have come to the rescue and filled this gaping void and THEY serve as a PRINCIPLED political opposition and catalyst since no other one exists, which, in turn, has necessitated this enormous organized response, outpouring, deflection, at our health care town hall meetings.

And, in NAZI Islamic Iran a somewhat comparable situation exists.

However, the explosive economic and military contradictions surrounding Baghdad/KRG/Iran sits in the middle of a regional tinderbox of competing commercial interests, a veritable ticking time bomb, which threatens to ignite, explode and engulf everyone, continuing, of course, an already unstable, highly flammable, NAZI occupation, invasion and counter-revolutionary, privatization program both in Iraq, Iran, the greater MENA region, extending through to the Caucasus and the entire globe.

Here is but one more article about Iran's Privatization:


BUT, the GLOBAL tide IS turning.

First, however, it is necessary to expose, recognize and smash through the intentionally erected barricades and tactics of the FAKE, ersatz, created, bogus Left opposition to a unified, global PRINCIPLED class front.

Here, in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship it began and is best represented, highlighted by our Single-Payer health care coalition, which helped bring this moment to its present crisis. Again, what is missing in action is our ORGANIZED labor leadership, seated on the opposite side.

Likewise regarding Iran AND Iraq.

Their position should be a big, humongous, gigantic NO to privatization, NO to both NAZI Islamic Iran AND Iraq's present criminal governments and a withdrawal of ALL FOREIGN, which includes, IRANIAN, MILITARY FROM IRAQ.

Be aware, everyone, the G20 will meet in United Assholes and Suckers Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan NAZI Dictatorship this September in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

And, you can rest assured, the ersatz, fake, bogus, Left, Opposition is already working overtime to make sure THEY represent the voice of the so-called Opposition so that NONE of the above becomes reality.

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