Monday, August 24, 2009


Looks like our, United Suckers and Assholes, ONLY principled Single-Payer Medical insurance advocates will be forced to do something alittle more dramatic minus support, or, in spite of, our/their official, institutional, organized class representatives, their/our Fascist, anti-Communist labor unions, seated on the opposite side of the table with our NAZI Democrats:

And, of course, Iraq's KRG/Baghdad/Iran power struggle continues rolling merrily along, as well.
Updates and new developments available most everywhere on the internet IF YOU LOOK for them.

Nonetheless, here's a reminder about the one KEY, enormous, deciding issue and sticky wicket:

And, as well, Iceland's ongoing privatization battle.

One might say, I suppose, both literally and figuratively, Iceland represents a microcosm of the entire, counter-revolutionary, global privatization project, minus armies and tanks and dead bodies, YET:

Finally, for those who might not remember or know it for whatever reason, here is the tune from which my post heading above was derived:

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