Monday, August 17, 2009


I could not have said the following TRUISM about Iceland below better or more eloquently myself.
So, I just decided to link to it directly.
The only addition I wish to make to it is DITTO GLOBALLY, with allowances for procedural, tactical discrepancies from country to country, continent to continent, region to region, from the Middle East and present Iraq military occupation, war and dissolution of the Baath Arab Socialist Party and their marvelous Constitution, to Iran's present NAZI regime and their occupation of Iraq, Asia, China, Africa, dissolution of the FORMER USSR, their military coup and imprisonment of THE USSR Communist Party leadership, Latin America, and to a much lesser degree in United Suckers and Assholes in terms of WHAT has been/was/is nationalized/socialized here:

Just one additional note from United Suckers and Assholes which dovetails with the eloquent statement from Iceland, above.
The following illustrates ALL the many difficulties in breaking away from the vise, strangulation, grip, bondage of United Suckers and Assholes collective, collaborative, conjugal NAZI, Fascist, mafia led, anti-Communist, a la Jay Lovestone, labor union tradition, especially, SEIU but, also, our historical umbrella organization, the AFL-CIO(A).

Thus, they, below, will need ALL the help and support they can get.
They represent a very courageous, nascent, principled movement, beginning, opening, space, confrontation, not an end:

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