Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I've had much information about the numerous intractable internal regional contradictions, the inexorable, upcoming confrontation between Iraq's KRG/Baghdad/Iran so-called regional FASCIST governments, criminal militias, armies and WHY I refer to it as the inevitable upcoming Mid East Big Bang explosion, resolution, forthcoming conflagration, i.e, regime change, congruency and mopping up.

The following articles merely encapsulate and reaffirm what I have been following all along.

More specifics, details available on this and other websites, including my own blogspot.
It is NOT a secret, except, of course, to United Suckers and Assholes myopic citizens intentionally kept in the dark.

As a consequence, I am sorry to say, anyone living in Iraq's diaspora wishing to return will NOT be able to do so UNLESS you come with gun in hand and are prepared to fight.
That is truth, reality, as I see it, confirmed by FACTS I have enumerated on my blogspot, not any stupid opinion, propaganda piece, wishful, Pollyana like thinking and/or ostrich face buried in the sands of denial.

Events unfolding in Iran, as I have also said many times over, are related to control of Iran's Baghdad Oil Minister and government.

And, you can rest assured, a "plan" is already being implemented to put in place a different, so-called nominal, but, compliant, "Arab" Iraq regime, instead, which is why all the rumors and reports circle about coups, opposition groups, secret outside dealings with remnants of the Arab Baath Party, while, simultaneously, hypocritically they continue to execute and/or imprison the legitimate representatives of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, like Tariq Aziz.

And, THAT IN A NUTSHELL is the truth.

So, here are the articles about Iraq and its upcoming explosion to which I refer.
The first article, link below, is general and leads into the second, more specific link.
And, of course, these competing and conflicting economic factions are NOT happening in an isolated, geostrategic, geopolitical, surrounding, regional vacuum.
All factors impact all else everywhere and are interrelated.
Thus an increasing, NOT DECREASING, upwards spiral, a crescendo both of internal and external contradictory factors, irresolvable economic contradictions, tensions, pressures are mounting towards its inevitable explosive resolution.
So, first:

Then, number two, following:

And, here's an extra one I tossed in about Afghanistan:
"First Afghan Hydrocarbon Bidding Round 2009 Bidders:"

So, United Assholes, Suckers, fools and idiots, and others, as well, enjoy your many upcoming regional wars, world conflagrations and possible, probable, annihilation.
And, for what? For who? For which purposes?

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