Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Let's begin today's post with another strike and Solidarity movement.
This time, Ireland.
Importantly, the port mentioned below is STATE owned and one for which, according to that below, they have struggled to acquire or maintain for some time:

Now, moving back across the Atlantic to the New, Newer, Newest World of United Suckers and Assholes and their/our most current NAZI Dictatorship.
A book review, below, purports to represent the quality of life and current state of affairs in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship.
Basically, fundamentally, it is a true and accurate reflection, I think.
I could and would not disagree.

However, since I have NOT read the book, I can only speculate IF the author discusses the HISTORY, HOW AND WHY we got to where we are at the moment.
It is/was NOT by accident, but, by design.

Its current institutionalized, historical form began in the late 1940's, early 1950's with passage and creation of the US 1947 National Security Act, and its corollary, an appointed, unofficial, advisory National Security Council, CIA, Congressional McCarthy hearings, witch hunts, anti-Communist labor union, culture and economic purges, the Rosenberg execution, Cold War, an institutionalized, codified, PERMANENT NAZI global, counter-revolutionary STATE apparatus and the world's largest entrenched military machine and bureaucracy, i.e., warfare state. It is very important to remember, prior to this historical moment, the US had NO major, global, standing, army. Each and every time the US became embroiled in global warfare, they had to rev up almost from scratch an entire standing army and corresponding military production.

So, the period above represents a watershed historical landmark, a before and after, of course, again, necessitated, from THEIR point of view, as the unforeseen and unhappy consequences of the outcome of WWII, expansion of the Soviet Union and world revolution.

Somehow, although NOT having read the book, I doubt all the above facts are detailed, expanded and documented.
But, perhaps I am wrong and would be pleasantly surprised:

Now, after reading the above, I did some searches and, unfortunately, this was the best I could find on the internet from the 1930s from a name familiar to many, but, perhaps, probably, not all.
It is from Christopher St. John Sprigg, a.k.a, (also known as, pseudonym), Christopher Caudwell and his book, "Further Studies in A Dying Culture."
After reading this VERY BRIEF, TINY excerpt, only a few paragraphs, I will provide a few more links below for anyone unfamiliar with St. John Sprigg, aka, Caudwell and his background.
Meanwhile, although sparse, compare the following few paragraphs from the 1930s below with the current book review, above:

And, as promised, here are two more links to begin further background reading, study, research for St. John Sprigg, aka, Caudwell.
The second, last link, apparently, provides some of Caudwell's writings ONLINE, which is why I included it.


And back in explosive Iraq, contradictions continue to multiply between Erbil, the KRG versus Iran/Iran's Baghdad Oil Minister and Baghdad government. Sources are abundant on the internet for anyone who wishes to bother following it. The inevitable outcome and upcoming conflagration is there for anyone to see.

Here's one amongst many recent developments, for example, about Iraq's South Oil Company:

The killing fields of Iraq's deaths, murders, assassinations, bombings, explosions, etc. are simply too many, too numerous for me to itemize.

The KRG just had fake elections. And, so-called "opposition groups" spring up like mushrooms, accusations flying back and forth.

Meanwhile, back in the world's Greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation, Single Payer Medical/Health Care Insurance confrontation with our entire NAZI/Fascist Establishment machine grinds forward, which can be followed on their website:

And, former Republican VP candidate, Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, nemesis of ALL above combined, upon stepping down from her government position the other day, held a press conference accusing them all of being a bunch of liars! Imagine that! In turn, the media quickly concocted some statistics saying she no longer has any support and, of all things, resembles Nixon! Amusement and entertainment all around.

And, finally, I thought I would conclude appropriately with another photo journalism essay and bedtime story about Russia by John Helmer. Too good to resist:

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