Sunday, July 12, 2009


I have little time for more than a cursory post at the moment.
The above/below heading/link will have to suffice.
The killing fields of Humpty Dumpty's Iraq/Iran/Middle East simply continue forward, including, no doubt, plans for greater US air power. That is their speciality. Air power is high tech and involves less casualties than ground forces. And, GENERALLY speaking, he who controls the sky controls the ground:,extra-iraqi-christian-official-assassinated-in-kirkuk.html

Since my favorite anecdotal political blogger pundit appears to be temporarily missing for reasons I hope are not bad, I am forced to TRY to fill the vacuum created.
So, my brief, anecdotal political commentary, narrative, below, not too good or professional.
Bear with me.

I THOUGHT I would have a personal day today AWAY from the asinine stupidity and dumb downed idiocy of politics, the media and/or the internet.
A few simple, necessary chores, like shopping at a nearby supermarket for a few items.
O.K. Stage set.
So, what happens next?

Standing OUTSIDE the supermarket entrance leafleting are a few starry eyed, cherubic looking YOUNG adults around 20ish, more or less.
And, for what precious issue are they leafleting, pray tell?
To boycott Israeli products!!!
I flew into an unexpected tizzy and rage.
So, I asked them what the hell did they know about Israel, much less anything else.
For example, did they know WHO OWNS ISRAEL?
Answer, NO.
I asked them IF they knew the name Nochi Dankner?
Answer. NO.
I asked them IF they knew Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel?
Answer, NO.
I asked them, if they were so concerned about Israel, in addition to TRILLIONS of dollars of US/OUR taxpayer subsidies, why were they NOT standing outside Citigroup offices, demanding everyone BOYCOTT AND DIVEST from CITIGROUP, MORGAN STANLEY, EXXON, our private health care insurance companies, etc.
Of course, they had no answer.
I am quite sure nobody ever responded to them in the way in which I did.
Unfortunately, I did NOT think to ask WHO, WHICH front group put them up to their exercise in futility. That was an error on my part.
So, this/that is my short, brief, ancedotal, political report for the day.
After the above attempt, let us all hope our resident anecdotal political blogger and pundit returns!

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