Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well, I cannot afford to purchase the following report about UAE Defence and Security, but, the very brief introduction below is free.
The cursory synopsis says nothing I do not already know.
I linked to it only for morons and idiots who remain in blissful denial, ignorance and unreality.

The ruling class for whom THE STATE APPARATUS works has at its disposal TONS, VOLUMES of FACTUAL information, studies, analysis to help them maintain their privileged economic position, much of it, but not all, paid by YOUR tax dollars in order to subvert YOUR class interests.

You and I, unfortunately, have at our disposal to counteract them ONLY the realities in which we live and experience daily and those few who actually do independent research, study, analysis, journalism and write some books, articles, exposes, etc.

Additionally, the ruling class hires LOTS AND LOTS of intellectual prostitutes, pimps, whores, disinformation specialists, covert and overt agents, operatives, creating an echo chamber of theoretical and historical garbage, revisionism, spurious conspiracy theories, dumbed and numbed down information, entertainment, front groups, to deflect, confound and confuse everyone away from the realities of the barbarism necessary to maintain their privileged economic position, as the aristocracy before them.
They buy, or, buy off, lots and lots of collaborators.
And, it seems, many people have a very negligible price.
And, then, addictive, profitable drugs are introduced, as well.
And, if all that is not sufficient, they kill, assassinate, blackmail, murder, rape, etc., all to maintain and expand their anachronistic, barbaric, greedy, avaricious, exploitative, profit driven system of private ownership, at all and any costs, human or otherwise.

So, with MY above introduction, here's the UAE Defence and Security report, confirming the obvious:

And, then, one more, for the morons and idiots everywhere, below.
Simply ignore the misnomer, doublespeak characterization, "progressive," and the remainder becomes quite accurate.

And, of course, Hillary and Biden are REALLY President and VP, respectively, or, I should say, Mommy and Daddy.
THEY are the Administration.
Obooma is a complete and total empty headed vessel, the House Slave they trot out for PR purposes for "Change."

As I had written in a previous post from 2005 to which I will link and REPRINT, below, 2005 represented a policy shift, departure, regime change, a coup, which the US 2006 midterm election solidified, including Rumsfeld's subsequent removal, a process begun then culminating now.

Indeed, there WAS dissension within professional military ranks about Iran and the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld collaboration with Ahmadimoron's militias in Iraq.
Rumsfeld's military policies are and were, from a/their strictly professional military standpoint, traitorous and disastrous.

The reasons should be obvious ones, the same ones even I can understand and which drive the present internal and external contradictions and confrontations, necessitating the remedies I have long forecast regarding Iran/Iraq regime change, congruency, mopping up:

And, if you scroll down just below, I have reprinted my entry from October, 2005, "Silent Coup in Washington," OR, use the direct link here:

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