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The following is a repost/reprint FOR REFERENCE from my initial blogspot, publicly inaccessible,, from October 2005.
I tested ALL embedded links and they work, except for one from The Scotsman.
I left that one intentionally in a different color to distinguish it from the others. So:

OCTOBER 13, 2005

Silent Coup in Washington

On October 12, 2005, a terse news report of a few lines stated merely that the heads of JP Morgan and Gazprom had a "business meeting."
Likewise, Kissinger met with Putin, separately.
Another terse comment of a few lines.
For the above reports:


Another article appeared in the Asia Times, "Rice Bowls Them Over":

A few days later, Rice meets with Putin.
Apparently, comprehensive discussions took place between Rice and Putin regarding, Iran, the Middle East, Central Asia, etc.
I don't want to repeat what is/was reported everywhere else.
This all follows from a silent coup in Washington.
The following article appeared not too long ago, in the Jan/Feb 2005 edition of Foreign Affairs:
"Rand, CFR Advise US to End Unwinable War":

For the article go to:

Events since are flowing from this policy and power shift, both domestically and internationally.
For domestic purposes, it's an orchestrated diminution of Presidential authority, reflected by numerous scandals.
Bush is titular President. His Administration is totally shattered, in ruins. These policy changes reflect economic necessity and military realities on the ground.
The US propertied class simply has neither the money nor power anymore to press forward internationally. They're bankrupt, on all levels. They've lost military and economic leverage in just about every corner of the globe, from Russia and China, to Central Asia, Latin America, Africa.
In addition to the Asia Times article, above, the following appeared in the Christian Science Monitor:

Interesting, isn't it, all that time in the months preceding the Iranian election, quite obviously, this "deal" was known by the same publications pushing the "we will bomb Iran" line.
But, never mind, just another Big Lie to add to the long, long list of officially promulgated Big Lies, carried by their dutiful media conduits.

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