Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, the latest regarding the many Middle East/North Africa and global mounting imperialist contradictions and forthcoming, subsequent explosions, regime change, congruency, mopping up scenarios.

First, "Germany's Ex-FM Fischer To Promote Nabucco":

While Germany's other "ex" Chancellor, Schroeder, is in direct competition to Fischer with an economic, profitable, umbilical cord connected to Russia's Gazprom and their Nord Stream pipeline project.
No secret about that fact except to the morons and idiots here in United Suckers and Asshole nation.
It's been published widely everywhere for quite some time:

At the center of all the many conflicts above also are Turkey and the Baltics.
Meanwhile, France's Total is about to enter Iraq and, of course, France already has their first ever military base in the rapidly militarized and nuclear Arab Gulf area.

"Total To Co-Preside Franco-Iraqi Business Council - French PM":

The Brits, Russia, virtually everyone else well represented also.

NAZI Germany and NAZI Iran's present Islamic Mullah government cojoined economically through promised investment and, thus, in practice, partnered with NAZI Iran/Iraq's torture chambers and dungeons.

And, as I forecast, Iraq's present NAZI IRANIAN Baghdad Oil Minister was essentially rebuffed, boycotted by major international oil bidders in his/their latest attempted round of auction.
I did say the contracts are/will not be worth the paper on which they are/would be written.
Nobody will deal with him/them UNTIL there is a definite resolution to all these many internal, external contradictions of authority represented above/below.
The present Iraq/Iran government is already dead meat, persona non grata, in disarray with themselves over intractable internal authority disputes between NAZI Iran/Baghdad Oil Minister, the Baghdad Parliament and the KRG over oil/gas contracts and terms, Kirkuk, etc.
And, on that last point, Kirkuk...

...A BIG, BIGGER OR BIGGEST explosion forthcoming, adding to the killing fields ALREADY happening in Iraq.

Back in the planet's Greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation and Alice in Wonderland's Through a Glass Darkly home turf, apologists and labor union collaborators and ostrichs continue rolling merrily along in BLISSFUL DENIAL as if none of the above were happening either abroad or at home.

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