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The following EXCERPT, below, is from Obooma's former Physician, Scheiner.
Link follows:

"...Now Scheiner says that Congress should nix Obama’s health care proposal and start all over.
And pass single payer next time around..."

Above from:

So, besides NAZI Democrats, WHO supports or actively pushes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship BOGUS public option plan in United Suckers and Assholes medical/health care insurance debate?



Aside from Democrats, it is THEY who are THE MAIN OBSTACLE, impediment, blocking broad based, popular, class unity, support and militancy on the issue of NATIONAL, UNIVERSAL Single-Payer Health/Medical Care Insurance.

So, this puts EVERYONE, including their own union membership, in direct OPPOSITION, contradiction to their nominal, institutionalized, organized, class representatives.
What happens next?
Total and complete class capitulation, confrontation, explosion or implosion?
EVERYONE is now boxed into their own strategic, tactical corner, quagmire and self-made dilemma, contradiction, cul-de-sac, analogous to that of the Kurd/Iran/Baghdad one they face abroad simultaneously, which, by the way, is FINALLY acknowledged SOMEWHAT by major media outlets here.

Indeed, Defense Secretary Gates just this week suggested MORE troops would be needed by the US military.
He left it vague.

The Single Payer medical/health care insurance issue STILL does NOT DIRECTLY confront the mother of all contradictions, boondoggles, swindles--TRILLION DOLLAR taxpayer subsidies, gifts, giveaways and public debt to finance private corporate profitability and expansion abroad.

The National, Universal, Single-Payer Health/Medical Insurance issue is on a direct, logical collision course, trajectory with the preceding.
So, my/our, United Suckers and Assholes motto is/should be:

Including our hypocritical unions, whose policies, in turn, are being wracked and torn asunder by internal wrangling and dissension over issues related to domestic consequences of ALL policies above; unemployment, dislocation, privatization, dismantled industry, bankruptcy, Homeland Insecurity, wars, foreign imperial expansion, etc.

Meanwhile, entirely missing here, for reasons I have explained ad nauseum are the multitude of labor strikes and militant responses abroad, too many for me to enumerate.
So, a FEW randomly selected representatives here:

And, in Egypt:

And issues surrounding Europe's proposed Lisbon Treaty. A brief synopsis:

Lastly, ending on a humorous note. The following does NOT fit ANY of the above subject matter. But, it was just too good not to include. I found myself LOL, rolling hysterically on the floor. I think the recipient of my previously, self-created Bertolt Brecht award is well deserved and needs an alternative one, or, a new found career in satire or stand up comedy. What immediately popped into my mind as a namesake for satire is the "Jonathan Swift Award" and "A Modest Proposal."

So, I will link first to Layla's current piece, and, then, for anyone unfamiliar with Swift and "A Modest Proposal," I will provide an introductory synopsis below it:

And, for Jonathan Swift and "A Modest Proposal":

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