Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well, you can put to rest the empty gestured, PR crap, posturing and useless trash called NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Abomination Dictatorship/Fuhrer.
Obooma's presence at a German concentration camp is/was the apogee of sickening AUDACITY.
It's enough to turn your stomach upside down, inside out.
At least, former NAZI President Reagan went to Germany's Bitburg to HONOR his fallen NAZI COMRADES.
The event was symbolically transparent and inspired protests at the time.

And, of course, this time around, only a few months later, NAZI Fuhrer Obooma basically snuck in and out of Deutschland Uber Alles, rather than arrange a picturesque, staged Hitler youth rally and photo op anywhere near or outside in Deutschland or the Brandenburg Gate.
Any crumbs falling out of Obooma's mouth is the epitome of meaningless mumbo jumbo.
Obooma is a totally pathetic CIA creature.
"Peace in our Time."
He does not have a clue.
Just a wind up doll. Send him out with a script and a few platitudes. And, smile for the camera. NOBODY believes him.
I still do not believe he will survive his entire term as President.
He is irrelevant, powerless and set up to go down.

...Back to reality and what is REALLY transpiring in the Middle East and the many intractable contradictions and explosions forthcoming.
More changing developments surround Heritage in Kurdistan.
Below, Addax is referred to as a Swiss firm, but, it is also Canadian.
And, of course, the million dollar question of KRG Erbil versus Persian Baghdad.

In an article, below, a merger is "rumored" between Turkey's Genel and Heritage.
Here are two small, but, choice UNDERSTATED excerpts, link BELOW:

"...Genel Enerji, owned by Turkey’s powerful Cukurova group, was unlisted and little financial information was available...
...But ongoing disputes between Erbil and Baghdad, including over how contractors will be paid, may deter groups from investing in the region, especially if they aim to operate in the rest of Iraq..."

Meanwhile, Turkey's bombing campaign against the PKK escalates and continues unabated.
A war nobody here even knows is happening, much less anything else on my blogs.
And Turkey's despicable AKP is an embattled government, as are most/all of those presently in existence, all hanging on by threads of authoritarian, repressive, harsh, dictatorial means.
The Middle East, Caucasus powder keg will explode.

As for the status of single payer, here, just refer back to my previous posts on this matter and watch the script unfold.
It's instructive.
Our pseudo, ersatz career Left scumbags and Labor whores sell themselves, us and everyone down the drain.
That is their sole purpose, career, job description, role, raison d'etre.
Otherwise, they become useless to the Establishment and would be discarded, rejected, tossed into the trash can.
They would sell their own mother down the drain, if necessary, as the saying goes.
And, then, rationalize away their compromises and/or attack anyone else who dares point it out.
That is their modus operandi.

So, our single-payer continues its lonely, uphill, Quixotic battle while the rest of the population slumbers and organized labor stabs them in the back.
And, here's the latest:

"...Last month, Nancy Pelosi told a group of reporters that on health care, “over and over again, we hear — single payer, single payer, single payer.”
“Well, it’s not going to be single payer,” Pelosi said, emphatically..."


So, watch for a possible grand compromise as I indicated in previous blogs.
State rights, which means NOTHING!
Or, the Republicans will come along to save the day for our NAZI Dictatorship and create some sort of orchestrated Congressional impediment for the Democrats.
And, no challenge whatsoever to our Federal tax dollar expenditures will occur.

Where is the OUTRAGE?
Where are street protests? Where are the masses?
A rhetorical question, answered by the above.
Same as before and our MULTI TRILLION dollar tax debt, gift, boondoggle, corporate giveaway, not to mention war.
And, GM, energy, Bernie Sanders and everything else.
You name it. Country for sale. Assets, labor. Cheap.
Bargain basement prices.

Remember, also, our NAZI collaborative, mafia led AFL-CIA, SEIU invest their/your/our collective pension monies into PRIVATE, FOR PROFIT, HEALTH CARE INSURANCE CORPORATIONS, as well as all other major corporate and multinational private entities and the Middle East speculative, privatizing bubble.
So, conflict of interest, contradictions galore.

And, when an opportunity exists, presents itself, to lessen, sever, diminish this dysfunctional, pathological, self-destructive, intertwined economic dependency, our class leaders do NOTHING. Class and mass suicide.
Consequently, rather than an organized, conscious, legislative route for change, extraction will come along with enormous social EXPLOSION, dislocation, upheaval, brought upon themselves in their own, unbelievable stupidity, short sightedness and opportunistic survival.

So, as competing tensions and contradictions rise in the Middle East, above, so too do tensions and contradictions mount here, and, everywhere, as well.
An inevitable Mount Vesuvius.
Just a matter of when, not if.
The when in the Middle East/Caucasus will be sooner rather than later.
Estimates range within the next six months or so.

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