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Before I get into today's main subject matter, I thought I would post a video link in ARABIC with English subtext below it discussing General Motors in the Middle East. I have had much info about this on previous entries.

But, I thought it a good idea, since GM is intentionally sabotaged, dismantled, bankrupted, liquidated to rub it further into the eyes of United and Global Suckers and Assholes and have a good laugh some more at their expense.

If you live here, in United Suckers and Assholes country, you NEVER hear the words Middle East mentioned in the context of GM. China and Mexico, perhaps. But, never the Middle East, North Africa region. One of those open, in your face secrets.

So, JUST FOR THOSE SUCKERS, here's today's brief introductory link/remarks about GM and its burgeoning Middle East market/production.

Actually, the commentary is in English, with Arabic voice over:


And, now, to the main subject matter at hand and why we will have an upcoming Middle East explosion.

Here is a very GENERALIZED, SANITIZED statement/synopsis of the situation. Merely ignore the neutered, neutralized narrative spin. It is the salient, indisputable points, facts contained within it to which I am referring:


And, now for explicit material related to the above.

One need only, as I have said many, many times, follow the numerous competing, conflicting and overlapping commercial interests involved. It gets alittle difficult to follow, since the Middle East, North Africa commercial sands, appropriate analogy, shift and flow . A flow chart would be helpful in such circumstances, but, I have neither time nor resources to develop such a COMPLEX and updated diagram. Of course, one could devise a more simplified one, I suppose. So, you will have to do it in your own minds, a thought experiment, OR someone else can provide me with a flow chart/diagram and/or add a link in the comment section below.

So, here goes.

REMEMBER, at present, Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas/Crescent Oil octopus ALSO just announced a joint European venture that would supply gas from Kurdistan to Europe in the projected Nabucco Pipeline project with/through/via Turkey, which was immediately contested by NAZI Persia's Baghdad government. And, here's a reminder on this point from a recent, May, 2009 post:


Now, in addition to the above, the following:
Canada's Addax, Turkey's Genel begin oil exports from Kurdistan:


Here is the Addax Board of Directors. Needless to say, Morgan Stanley ALWAYS well represented. See the first heading for Morgan Stanley connections:


And, here's alittle something from a few years ago about Turkey's Genel:


Meanwhile, back at a second commercial front, Israel Bank Hapoalim's ongoing power struggle continues with the Shari Arison and Dankner alliance still contesting Citigroup Fischer's authority:


And, as you all know from reading my previous posts on this matter, behind Israel Bank Hapoalim's above power struggles stand questions pertaining to NAZI German/Persian/European energy/gas ties.

Who gets what? Who supplies whom? Competing interests.

For a reminder, an EXCERPT from a previous April, 2009 post, to which I will link below:

"...In the following, remember that ISRAEL'S Nochi Dankner is the 3rd largest shareholder in Switerland's Bank, Credit Suisse.
So what happened NOT for public purview on the sidelines of Switzerland's recent anti-racism conference?
Discussions between Iran and Swiss Presidents about an energy deal signed BETWEEN MAJOR Swiss/European energy trader/dealer Elektrizitaets- Gesellschaft Laufenburg, EGL, and Iran to import Iranian gas to Europe as an alternative, presumably, to Gazprom:


And, here's alittle something about that MAJOR, GIANT Swiss/European energy consortium, conglomeration, corporation, EGL:


And, here's alittle more elaboration on the dispute around the Iran/Swiss gas import deal:

http://www.istockanalyst.com/article/viewiStockNews/articleid/2355773 ..."



So, the dynamic sands of the Middle East commercial jigsaw puzzle shift and move together in unison to bring the moment to a critical mass, resolution, creating an impending, upcoming confrontation and explosion.

More elements exist, of course, some of which I have highlighted on previous blogs, others I have not. All are open, DENIED secrets both here, in United Suckers and Asshole ostrich territory, and abroad, as well.

On this point, I will end with what I thought to be a very powerful, profound, beautiful video statement which I want to share bought to my/our attention by an equally impressive blogger:


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